The Best Workouts To Wake You Up In The Morning

Let's face it, mornings are not for everyone. But, these five Blogilates workouts to wake you up in the morning make those early hours at least a little easier, according to fitness expert, Cassey Ho. Designed to rev you up for the day ahead, these workouts will get you going in the healthiest way. The awesome part is that you can perform these routines in the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need to leave your living room. What’s up, convenience?

To get the most out of a morning activity, pair it with one of Cassey’s super easy healthy breakfast ideas. It’s the best way to treat your body with the respect and care it deserves. Besides, proper nourishment is crucial for tackling whatever the day throws at you. Adequate hydration and nutrients will ensure that you are fueled up and ready to go.

If mornings aren’t your jam, don’t stress out. Cassey’s workouts are short, easy going, and laid-back; no marathon sprints or intense lifting required. The goal of each workout is to wake up your body in a rejuvenating, calming manner. To top it all off, you can count on Cassey for inspirational and uplifting positive vibes.

Good morning, Bustlers — you got this.

1. "Wake Up With Me" Workout

Designed to get your blood flowing, Cassey's morning Pilates routine is all about stretching for tension release. Part of the sequence even mimics getting out of bed, helping you get in that morning mindset. The workout, which runs for less than 10 minutes, features low-key moves and stress-relieving stretches. Bonus: Cassey even encourages you to channel your inner mermaid. Awesome.

2. "Relax With Me" Stretch Routine

Have a crazy day ahead? I hear you, lady. Seize the day with Cassey's easy going stretch sequence, made to wake up every bit of your body. It's the kind of workout that will re-energize you more than a cup of joe ever will.

3. "Pick-Me-Up" Quickie Workout

Thanks to Cassey's energy paired with reminders to smile, this routine will pull you out of that stressed-out slump. Everything from your arms to your thighs will burn — and it will feel amazing. While you can take this on during any time of the day, the morning is the perfect time to do it. It's the best way to freshen yourself up for the day ahead.

4. POP Pilates for Beginners — Total Body Workout

If you're just starting out, Cassey's got your back... literally. This workout is targeted toward beginners who want to integrate POP Pilates moves into their daily routine. As you exercise your abs, legs, and everything in between, you'll invigorate your morning while learning the basics.

5. "Feel Good Soul" Stretches

While this routine is ideal for post workouts, you can't go wrong with a morning fueled by mood-boosting stretches. In this video, Cassey leads you through a sequence made to open up those tights muscles. Your hips, thighs, and shoulders will thank you!

Images: Courtesy of Cassey Ho