How Much Does Eyebrow Tinting Cost? It's Not As Pricey As You Might Think

Despite what you might think, tinting your eyebrows is one beauty procedure that can fit into almost any beauty budget. Even though it sounds fancy and expensive, the cost of eyebrow tinting is actually pretty cheap when you consider the results. If done at a salon or spa, the entire process will usually run you around $20. Even the trusty Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar charges anywhere between $20 to $23 for the whole process. How awesome is that?!

Wondering how the whole process works? Essentially, your esthetician will use a semi-permanent vegetable dye to tint the color of your brows, according to Women's Health. The dye will be applied in five minute intervals (to check for preferred color level), and won't stain the skin. It's super easy and the benefits are immediate.

This process is great for those with fairer hair who are looking to enhance the shape, color, and tone of their eyebrows. It's an easy process that can completely transform your look. Personally, I love bolder brows as they seem to enhance and frame my eyes better. Also, tinting your brows is also great for those who don't want to deal with their brows in the morning. Your brow makeup is already on!

Wondering if brow tinting is right for you? Here are three videos you should check out before booking your tinting appointment.

1. Step-By-Step

I love how she goes through everything step-by-step! This video really shows you exactly what goes into the entire process. Also, it's great for getting an in-depth look at eyelash tinting too.

2. Quick Overview Of The Process

Was anyone else just mesmerized by watching this?

3. Helpful Insights

BRB, booking my appointment now.

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