How The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Could Be The Ultimate ‘Bunheads’ Crossover

Guys, I’ve been praying for it for months, but it’s looking like a Gilmore Girls/Bunheads crossover could actually be possible in the Gilmore Girls revival. Only, it might not look exactly like I always imagined it would. Even with Sutton Foster crashing the Stars Hollow set, me hoping that she would reprise her Bunheads character was kind of complicated. I mean, with her mother being played by the same woman who plays Lorelai Gilmore’s mother, it would have made things pretty awkward to have her appear in Stars Hollow magically as her Bunheads alter ego. Still, I wanted it! And I’m here to tell you that a crossover is looking more and more possible, especially with the news that Sutton Foster will be playing a struggling actress who stars in the Stars Hollow musical. Even though it’s not her same character from Bunheads, I’m taking this as a chance that there could still be a world where Bunheads and Gilmore Girls crossover in a rather creative way.

So here’s where the thought initially started. In an exclusive interview with Vulture in early April 2016, Foster opened up about the role she is playing in the revival and why her character happens to be in Stars Hollow. Apparently it’s because her character is a struggling actress whose “best gig that she's gotten so far in life is the lead in the Stars Hollow musical.”

Seriously, though, if you’ve seen the ornate productions that town puts on for the pleasure of its 100-ish residents, you’d realize that is nothing to yawn at.

OK, but here’s where my theorizing gets technical, because if the musical is all about the story of Stars Hollow — which Foster admitted in the same interview — then it’s totally possible that the character she is playing in the musical is actually Lorelai Gilmore.

Think about it: Who else would be the female lead in a musical about Stars Hollow? I mean, maybe Rory, fine. But, Foster is actually closer in age to Graham, which makes me think that, instead, the townsperson that she's most likely to play is totally Lorelai. In which case, she will be playing a character whose mother is played by Kelly Bishop.

Well, OK technically she would be playing a character who’s playing a character who’s mother is Kelly Bishop. But still! Sure, it’s one extra degree of separation, but it would be a pretty ingenious way for Amy Sherman-Palladino to satisfy her fans and make the wished-for crossover kinda, sorta happen.

Image: Netflix (3)