Beyonce 'Lemonade' Memes & Jokes

The premiere of Beyonce's mysterious, but sure-to-be-epic Lemonade is upon us on Saturday night. Thanks to Twitter and the internet, there are plenty of Beyonce Lemonade memes and jokes to be made as the big mystery unravels and becomes everyone's new pop culture obsession — on social media and everywhere else, of course. Last week, Bey teased Lemonade in a enigmatic trailer on HBO and just that sent the internet into a frenzy.

This isn't Beyonce's first HBO special — previously, she led 2013's Life Is But a Dream and 2014's On the Run with husband Jay-Z — but leading up to Lemonade, no one really knew for sure what to expect. The trailer doesn't offer much clues and media outlets have been reporting different things: USA Today said that Lemonade is a "docu-style special," while Entertainment Weekly reported that it's a "lengthy concept video." But even without knowing what exactly Lemonade is, the BeyHive churned out hilarious jokes and memes — and they're only going to get better as more is revealed.

Check out the best jokes and memes from Lemonade's premiere below.

Already Obsessed

Yahoo! Answers knows all.

Literally Making Lemonade

Because why not?

Is The Album About Jay-Z?

The rumor mill is working overtime.

Speculating Jay-Z's Reaction

Even though I think it's safe to say Bey's man probably heard this album before any of us.

What Beyonce Is Up To Now

She knows she's got us in a tizzy.

The Search For "Becky With The Good Hair"

Mentioned on the track "Sorry," the internet is on the hunt for the woman Bey singled out.

Need A Rewatch?

Of course you do.

Getting The Album Any Way, Any How

You do you.

Lemonade Is On Tidal

Jay-Z is associated with the streaming service. And possibly the cheating rumors spawned from this album? Awkward.

How The Internet Feels About Jay-Z Right Now

It's not pretty.

Another Philosophy On Lemonade

Phil from Modern Family knows his lemonade, too.

Happiness & Sadness

The Beyhive is happy about the new album, but still sad about Prince's death. You can be both.


So many.

Time To Put It On Repeat

The pop culture phenomenon has begun.