Watch Alex Pettyfer & Kimmel Sing "Endless Love"

Endless Love might be already flopping, but Jimmy Kimmel is definitely a fan. Alex Pettyfer, who's starring alongside Gabriella Wilde in the 2014 remake of Endless Love out Friday, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night to promote his new film and he and Kimmel really bonded. The Magic Mike actor talked about his adorable Valentine's Day plans and then, in a turn that shocked Kimmel, Pettyfer admitted that he didn't know the words to Lionel Richie and Diana Ross's duet "Endless Love."

The pair bantered about the song's absence in 2014's Endless Love and then Pettyfer suggested they perform the duet on the show. The actor pulled up the lyrics to the song on his phone — after revealing that he had recently embarrassed himself by flubbing the lyrics — and Kimmel insisted that he didn't need any help because hey, he knows all the words. The pair decided that Kimmel would sing Lionel Richie's part and Pettyfer would do Diana Ross's before cuing up the band and giving a surprisingly amazing performance.

Who knew Alex Pettyfer could sing almost as well as he danced in Magic Mike?

You may not be seeing Endless Love but you'll definitely be happy you saw Kimmel and Pettyfer's epic and perfect duet of "Endless Love".

Watch it here (the song begins around the three-minute mark):

Image: ABC