Jon Snow Is Still... Right Where He Was

We have waited, wondered, and speculated for 10 long months now. Jon Snow's alleged death on Game Of Thrones last season has made the wait for Season 6 particularly brutal. Unfortunately, it started to become increasingly clear that he was, in fact, killed in the Season 5 finale (multiple, aggressively dealt stabs with a dagger will do that). So, the next order of business concerned whether he would be resurrected and if so, how it would happen. Well, Sunday's premiere left us in the weeds because Jon Snow was not resurrected.

This is why Game Of Thrones fans can't have nice things. I had the highest of hopes that we would get closure and possibly a resurrection out of Sunday's premiere but instead, we got more questions and some seriously sad images of Jon's dire wolf, Ghost, mourning his Stark's death.

Jon's very dead body was kept behind locked doors while Ser Davos and his men decided what to do. There was a brief moment when Melisandre came to his side, but nothing happened. I still have hope, but things are looking a bit bleaker than before. And, the Watch has not placed his body into flames either, so we are stuck in limbo for the time being. Of course, this is where we have been for the past 10 months, what's another week?

I still have hope and you should too. All is not lost. Just because we have yet to see a resurrection, doesn't mean it's over. They can't leave us hanging forever, right? RIGHT? Right.

Image: HBO