The Most Creative Cards For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is here once again, and it wouldn't be a celebration of Mom without the perfect card. One of the best things the internet has brought us is access to so many artists and talented designers, which is why any holiday that requires a card is now better than ever thanks to the accessibility of their genius creations. The creative Mother's Day cards that follow range from sentimental to hilarious, and they all seem to be able to say "I love you" better than any mushy store-bought card could.

No matter how great the card is, however, your words inside are probably what Mom will treasure most. My greatest bouts of writer’s block usually come on when it’s time to spill my true feelings on paper. I’m just not good at it. Usually I write a silly poem that doesn’t really rhyme, but this year I’d like to turn over a new leaf and write something genuine and kind. I think the trick is to just be honest. Let Mom know you care about her, look forward to her calls, and miss her. If you’re a new mom, tell her you appreciate her more than ever now that you understand unconditional love. And if all that doesn’t work, write her another silly poem that ends in farts. Mom will understand and love you no matter what.

1. Traits From You

Obviously all of your best traits are from Mom. Now you can thank her for it.

Traits card, $5,

2. Lorelai to my Rory

To the mother-daughter BFFs, this card is for you.

Gilmore Girls card, $4.50,

3. World's Greatest Mom

No certificate will ever be enough for mom, but this floral and gold foil one comes close.

World's Greatest Mom $4.50,

4. You Taught Me To Bake

Families who bake together, text together.

You Taught Me To Bake card, $4.95,

5. Not Technically My Mom

For the aunts, in-laws, and women who were like second moms, they deserve a thank you too.

Not Technically My Mom card, $4.50,

6. Of All The Moms

Tell Mom you know how lucky you are to have her around.

Of All The Moms card, $4.50,

7. Checking Up On Me

Mom, your texts and calls are always appreciated, even when they are a little excessive.

Checking Up On Me card, $3.95,

8. Taught Me Everything

Rifle Paper Co. is back at it again with the stunning mother/daughter cards.

Taught Me Everything card, $4.50,

9. I Appreciate You

For the new moms who can now appreciate their moms more than ever.

I Appreciate You card, $5.95,

10. You Were Right

Well, Mom, you were right. About everything. Here is my apology card.

You Were Right Card, $4.07,

11. My Mother, My Therapist

Shout out to the moms who moonlight as our therapists. Thank you for listening to our feelings.

My Mother, My Therapist card, $4.50,

12. Your Favorite Child

Mom, between us, I know I'm your favorite.

Favorite Child card, $3.70,

13. Rosy Blooms

This simple, stunning card is blank inside for you to write your own ode to mom.

Rosy Blooms card, $4.50,

14. Jumped Off

This card is another way to say thank you for all the life lessons.

Jumped Off Card, $3.95,

15. Embroidered Card

This one is for the moms who taught us how to sew. If I didn't abandon the hobby so quickly, Mom, I would have made this for you for real.

Embroidered Card, $4.50,

16. Vintage Lipsticks

Mom, I love your lipstick collection almost as much as I love you.

Vintage Lipsticks, $5,

17. World's Greatest

For whoever plays a motherly role in your life, fill in the blanks and let them know they are great.

World's Greatest card, $5,