Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Tracks Ranked

Stop everything — Beyonce just dropped a new album, Lemonade, on Saturday night, and you need to listen to it right now. The album debuted along with her mysterious hour-long HBO special, which was really a collection of visually stunning music videos to accompany her awesome new music. But some Bey songs shine more than others, and here are Beyonce's Lemonade tracks ranked. It's a tough job, but someone's got to pick which of these new hot tracks stands out from the rest. Lemonade — the album and the TV special — can be streamed on Tidal.

Lemonade is an incredible showcase of how Bey has matured as an artist, a superstar, and a person. The album features guests such as The Weeknd, Jack White, Kendrick Lamar, and James Blake, and the TV special included guest appearances Jay Z, Zendaya, Amandla Stenberg, Quvenzhané Wallis, and Serena Williams. Beyonce also opened up as a person, giving the audience a glimpse of old home movies of her and her dad from her childhood. The lyrics to the songs carry many life lessons about love, letting go, and standing up for yourself. Lemonade is gorgeous. It is poetic. It is Beyonce.

Here are the Lemonade tracks, ranked for your listening pleasure.

12. "All Night"

Lemonade's love ballad. Just because it's last doesn't mean it's worst. I mean, there's not a bad one in this mix.

11. "Forward"

A short track with James Blake about moving forward and forgetting the troubled past.

10. "Love Drought"

A track about trouble in paradise. The road of marriage of true love isn't a smooth one, it seems.

9. "Hold Up"

The song that scared the BeyHive into thinking Beyonce and Jay-Z's marriage was in trouble. It's a powerful, angry song

8. "Freedom"

A track about aching to be free, with a guest appearance by Kendrick Lamar.

7. "Formation"

Yup, the song Bey performed at this year's Super Bowl will also be on Lemonade. It stacks up pretty well among the rest.

6. "Sorry"

Looks like Justin Bieber's hit song is going to have some fierce competition. Except in Bey's version, she is not sorry. And she's not going to accept your apology, either.

5. "Sandcastles"

This one's a sad one about the dreams that are destroyed by reality and how some hurts run deep. "Every promise don't work out that way," Bey sings.

4. "6 Inch"

Beyonce and The Weeknd — what a winning combination. Just stunning.

3. "Don't Hurt Yourself"

A totally empowering song about not taking certain hurts personally and standing up for yourself in love.

2. "Pray You Catch Me"

This song is haunting and beautiful — it's no wonder she chose it to open Lemonade.

1. "Daddy Lessons"

In probably the most personal song on the album, Beyonce talks about the lessons her father taught her and her experiences with him while growing up. It's powerful and perfect and definitely the top song on the album.

Then again, how is a poor Beyoncé fan supposed to even pick a favourite when she's given us so much good music?

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