How To Join Jill Spivack's "Mommy Groups" If 'There Goes The Motherhood' Piques Your Interest

The stars of There Goes The Motherhood are connected by a lot more than a Bravo casting announcement — these moms are all gathered together to take part of one of parenting expert Jill Spivack's "Mommy Groups," an eight-week course she offers, usually to new parents or ones who have recently gone through a change of some kind (although the women on TGTM have kids who range from toddlers to 10-years-old). And guess what, non-reality stars: you too can take Jill Spivack's course, provided you are very patient.

Organized through her company, Sleepy Planet, which primarily focuses on helping parents and children develop healthy sleep patterns, Jill offers several different groups for different issues. Each meeting is generally 90 minutes, and groups meet once a week for (usually) eight weeks. If you'd like to join one of Jill's groups, you can apply through her website, where you can also apply for a private counseling session one-on-one. According to the ladies of TGTM, these groups are incredibly competitive and difficult to get into, so you may be waiting for a long time before get a seat. You'll also have to be in the Los Angeles area in order to meet in person.

The classic group is for new moms, but there are also groups specifically for parents dealing with other family situations. There's a "Second-Time Moms Group," for mothers who have recently added additional children to their family and want to talk out their new challenges. There's also "Parenting With Awareness Groups," which "draw on mindfulness, meditation, and other holistic practices in a personalized collaboration designed to help each group member connect with your child on all levels and create more peace in both daily life and family relationships." (That sounds like a group that Leah from TGTM would be all over.)

And finally, there's also Jill's "Advanced Mom Groups," which are designed for parents who want continuing guidance as their kids get older. The group in There Goes the Motherhood seems the most similar to the "Advanced Mom Group," because they have kids of various ages, have spent years becoming familiar with different parenting styles, and seemingly meet just to talk out all the challenges of parenthood without one specific focus.

On her site, Jill writes, "Our groups are designed to offer a haven of support and friendship while moms deepen their understanding of what they need — in addition to what their child and family need — to thrive." And it sounds like it's well worth the wait, because one of Jill's mother groups was amazing enough to warrant an entire TV series.

Image: Nicole Weingart/Bravo