Weekly Sex News: Brooklyn Orgies, Boning for Botox

Last week was a wacky one in the world of sex. Here are some highlights:


We've written about Japanese sex toy company Tenga and how they are pioneering the robot-assisted-sex movement. Their latest device uses virtual reality goggles to allow men to receive simulated sex acts from hot anime characters, and a VICE writer tested out the toy and wrote all about it this week. Tenga CEO Tsuneki told VICE, quite ominously, “I think in the future, the virtual real will become more real than actual real sex.”


A new study, conducted by Lee Gettler of Notre Dame, shows that the sex lives of men are biologically affected by having kids, even though they aren't the ones who rip their vaginas and gain a hundred pounds. In the first year of being a father, testosterone levels drop about a third. If you’re a hands-on dad who helps with the child-rearing for three or more hours a day, your testosterone drops a further 20 percent. Researchers say that men are biologically programmed to focus on looking after their kids at the expense of their sex drive.


Dr. Fabian Baez, one of Sydney’s top cosmetic surgeons and the world’s top douche bags, was just found guilty of professional misconduct, as he got in the bad habit of exchanging Botox for sex. Baez, also the former supervisor of the prestigious Academy of Hair Transplantation, was then accused of inappropriately touching a young woman on whom he’d been performing thigh liposuction. Allegedly, he asked the patient to put on the anaesthetic mask, and then told her, “We are going to be having a party with this.”


Last week, author and American University professor Iris Krasnow published “Sex After…Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes,” which follows the sex lives of women, aged 20 through 90. In particular, Krasnow chronicles how life traumas or events like breast cancer, chronic illness, post-partum depression, and deployment, that can forever change women’s intimate relationships. And it’s not always for the worse. One subject, Patricia, had been married to her husband for 55 years when he passed, yet she was able to find love again. “After taking care of someone so ill for so many years, this is fantastic. Finding love in my 80s is like opening another world I never knew could exist. Not only do I have a golf partner and a life partner, but the sex part is very, very good.”


An Arizonan woman was arrested for running around her home naked early Monday morning, screaming at her boyfriend because he didn’t feel like having sex with her. She punched walls and framed pictures, causing her to bleed and trail blood over the whole house.


Once a month, a man identified as “Mr. Sparks” by Business Insider hosts up to 150 people at a beautiful Brooklyn home. The occasion? A massive orgy. While the Brooklyn sex party scene is in no way novel, Mr. Sparks’ gatherings are unique in that some people go not to have sex, but for stimulating conversation and new friendships. But yeah, there’s also a whole lot of sex. In an interview with Business Insider, Mr. Sparks says, “We’re a bunch of adults and we’ve come together because we’re all slutty and want to rub our genitals against each other in as many extreme ways as possible.”

Image: Getty Images