Kanye West's Remix Of "Drunk In Love" Features A Raunchy Rap About Kim Kardashian

Another gift from Kanye to Kim? It looks like V-Day is never ending, with Kanye West’s rap on the remix of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “Drunk In Love,” which is all about Kim. (Are you surprised, Internet?)

So, yet again, Kanye outdoes everybody else’s romance (1,000 roses wasn’t enough?), by overstepping Queen Bey and her man on their sexy duet. And the rap is explicit. If you ever wanted to get a peek into their sex life, uh, here’s your auditory chance.

The track exclusively debuted on The Angie Review, and it’s got indirect references to Kim, like "If you aint on sight, you on skype/ I put you on a bike, you bound girl,” which alludes to their NSFW motorcycle encounters in Kanye’s “Bound 2” music video. There are both tongue-in-cheek references to Kim’s notorious curves (“Let me remind you, you got a great future behind you,” — get it? Behind you? Kanye’s a punster!), and some instructions as to how Kanye would prefer to knock boots with his woman. In case you were wondering, in the Kimye household, reverse cowgirl is preferred over missionary.

For the record, specifics: “I ain't a pastor/ Don't do missionary,” and, “That cowgirl, you reverse that cowgirl.”

Bey and Jay-Z’s vocals remain the same, but the song with Kanye’s added vocals and remixing (which does sound pretty cool, BTW), definitely now takes a whole new, um, position. Take a listen and hear for yourself:

Image: Getty Images