Amy Schumer Reacts To A Jennifer Lawrence Interview & Lets Us Know If The Oscar-Winner Tells The Truth

I go back and forth on this debate all the time, but I think I have decided that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are my favorite Hollywood BFFs. And now that they've teamed up for something new, I may even love them more (if it's possible). As part of her May 2016 Vanity Fair cover, Schumer responded to a Lawrence interview, and it's hilarious, just as you might expect. The basic premise is this: Schumer watched Lawrence answer questions in an interview she did specifically for this purpose, and weighed in on whether or not she's telling the truth. And of course, Schumer doesn't hold back when she thinks Lawrence is lying, because what else are your close friends for?

In the video, Lawrence talks about everything from the advice she'd give a young girl who's dealing with bullies to what her ideal night off looks like, plus a special message about bidets for Schumer herself. After seeing this, I'm officially convinced that they are the exact kind of best friends that everyone wants to have but only seems to exist in TV shows and movies. However, there are no amount of words I could write that would do this video justice, so you just need to watch it for yourself. Seriously. You're welcome.

Vanity Fair on YouTube

But even though the sheer adorableness of their friendship is kind of the whole point of this video, something else stuck out to me while watching it. Because Schumer knows Lawrence on a way more personal basis than a lot of people, she was able to expose a side to her that we don't normally get to see. When Lawrence is "on" doing press and interviews, she's a total sweetheart most of the time— even though she's still usually way more candid than many of her peers. Seeing Schumer talk about the times Lawrence isn't all sunshine makes her even more relatable somehow, because that's real.

Example: When Lawrence says her best advice is "always be nice," and Schumer calls her the meanest person she knows and talks about the mean (but funny) texts Lawrence sends her. Oh, and when Lawrence says she apologizes too much, and Schumer mentions that she has never actually apologized to her over the entire course of their friendship.

But don't worry, it's not all Schumer calling BS on Lawrence's statements. In fact, there's a pretty sweet moment there, too, when Lawrence tells the story of how they first started talking after she saw Trainwreck and immediately emailed Schumer to find out if they could work on something together. Schumer didn't hold back when it came time to rave about Lawrence's writing talent. That's a good friend right there — the kind who will make fun of you when you're in on the joke, but who will also celebrate you for your best qualities, too.

And P.S., Lawrence: A night indoors with wine, friends, and not dealing with any people whatsoever sounds fantastic. Can I join?