The One Part Of Amy & J. Law's Vacay We Never Saw

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence's friendship is one of the most celebrated new friendships in Hollywood, and not just because it's about to result in a comedy film starring the two actresses. We all remember the infamous photo of Schumer and Lawrence on a yacht, vacationing together in the Hamptons in August 2015 with a large group of Schumer's friends and giving us as many #SquadGoals as Taylor Swift and her own gal pals do. The picture was so much a part of cultural legend that, of course, Jon Stewart asked Schumer to explain the story behind the picture on The Daily Show. However, the comedian left a few details out, details that fellow comedian and friend Nikki Glaser was happy to share with Bustle. Just when you thought this photo couldn't get funnier, it does.

"Once a year, I go away with all my girl friends from high school. We went to the Hamptons... and Jennifer and I have become friends, and I was like, ‘Oh, we’re going on a boat tomorrow, you should come.’ It was kind of hypothetical, and she was like, ‘I think I’m coming,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’" said Schumer on The Daily Show. But, apparently, that was far from the first time, or the last time, that Schumer would get her friends together to form a human pyramid. In fact, according to Glaser in an interview with Bustle, this is a common practice when you hang out with Amy Schumer.

"[Schumer and her high school friends] always do a human pyramid anytime they all get together," Glaser explains. "Me, and Rachel Feinstein, Bridget Everett, [Schumer's] comedian friends, have been invited on these trips with her high school friends for a couple of years... so we’ve been doing the pyramid with them as well."

As you might imagine, a human pyramid is like a comet. It comes quick, it burns fast, and then it disappears in a blaze of glory. That's more or less what happened on that yacht, according to Glaser. "It goes pretty quick," she says. "And, of course, we’re like Jen [Lawrence], and her tiny cousin or whatever, have to be on top because they’re little, and it’s, you know, Jen. She just climbed on up there. She’s very brave and daring, and she’s the first to be like, 'I’ll do it!'" Lawrence being perfectly willing to climb to the top of a human pyramid constructed by amateur experts is such a classic J. Law thing to do that I can picture it perfectly.

But there was one important thing that the camera didn't capture: the explosive aftermath of what looked like a picture perfect pyramid. "We all crashed," says Glaser. "Every pyramid ends with someone going, 'AHH!' It’s not a pretty dismount. We are not professionals. The aftermath was not — that would be a better picture actually." You would think that, after so many years of making these pyramids, the dismount would have gone a lot smoother, but what would be the fun in that? Schumer, Lawrence, Glaser, and all of the women in this comedy squad seemed like they were having the time of their lives in this photo, before this pyramid met its chaotic end. Let's hope that Schumer's next vacation with her friends breeds just as much infamy as this one.

Image: Giphy