Did Zac Efron & Sami Miro Break Up? Their Social Media Accounts Tell An Interesting Story

In this tell-tale world of super meaningful social media activity, it seems like Zac Efron and Sami Miró may have broken up — at least, if his social purge is anything to go by. According to JustJared, all traces of the actor's girlfriend have been wiped clean from his Instagram, and he no longer follows Miró on Twitter. Remember that time the two 'grammed some seriously jealousy-inducing pics from their beach vacation? They've been deleted, along with all other photographic evidence that the two were a couple. Miró, on the other hand, still follows Efron on Twitter and has not yet deleted any of her photos with the Neighbors 2 star. What does it mean??? Update: While neither Miró nor Efron has confirmed the news themselves, Us Weekly reports that according to their sources the couple has split.

For starters, mining your social media account and purging only the photos that you have with a significant other is pretty telling, in my opinion. It's not like Efron deleted all of his past pics à la Rob Kardashian — he just deleted the ones with Miró in them. And though Miró's social accounts are still saturated with ~Efron evidence~, a few of her latest tweets are fairly cryptic, especially when put in context of a possible breakup. For instance, there's the photo of her in the back of a car with the caption, "Fomo boy." And then there's the one that reads, "Donde estas mi amor," which translates to "Where are you, my love?" Hmmm.

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed like all was copacetic on the Efron/Miró front. The "vintage curator" even tweeted a Cosmopolitan article about the denim jacket that Efron wore to the MTV Video Music Awards (the one that she made, BTW), thanking Cosmo for the love. They also attended the VMAs together, too, so that was a thing. And they've been going strong since they first started dating in October 2014 — that's roughly two and a half years. So what went wrong?

According to Hollywood Life, there's some "online chatter" that alleges Miró may have cheated on Efron while at Coachella over the weekend, though as of right now that's just the rumor mill for ya (and I think we can take that with a big grain of salt). And until there is any more ~proof~ that the two have actually broken up, it looks like we'll just have to ride this one out — and keep a keen eye on social media.

Bustle has reached out to reps for Efron and Miró regarding the cheating rumors and the reports that they have split, but has not yet heard back.