11 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Moving

After making it through the required moves of our youth, it's easy become unfazed by the heft and significance of the activity. You leave your childhood home and move into a dorm, with tears and excited anxiety. And then you leave your dorm and move into an apartment with nostalgia and fear for the future. And then after that, if you're anything like me, you'll move a dozen other times, too. And after a while a move just becomes a part of life, rather than a next step of life or transition.

We become so used to packing up our lives and putting it into little boxes that it's become just a thing we do at the end of lease. Maybe it's because I'm a romantic, but I'm never unfazed by moving. I have a sentimental break down every time I do it, plus a list of rituals I find very necessary to check off before moving on to my next home. After all, a home is your very own space in the world, a place you decorate and feel safe in and grow in, and have experiences in. I think it's important to honor each place you called home and incorporate your time there in the scrapbook collage of your entire life. These are 11 things every woman should do before moving.

Give Your Home A Deep Clean

When you know you're about to move out, there's a definitely tendency to give up. What's the point of cleaning when everything's about to go into a box? Well, besides the fact that packing a clean and organized apartment is a million times easier than packing a pig stye, you're more likely to enjoy it and be present for your last days in your space if it's clean and in order. Don't live in the future and give up on the present — clean your home and enjoy every last day with it.

Give Something Away

You don't need to lug your entire life from one home to another. Make a bag of clothes that you don't need and offer them to your friends or donate them. Go through each of your drawers and shelves and fill another bag with trash or recycling. Remember that moving is an opportunity for a clean slate if you need it, so if you're holding on to too much, now's the time to get rid of it.

Have A Celebration

Invite some friends over for a goodbye party. Make an event out of it and create one last memory of the space to help keep it with you as you move on. Entertaining people in the space will feel ceremonious in a bittersweet way. Remember you'll have plenty of parties in your new home, too.

Take Note Of What Worked

Think about your space critically. What elements of design worked for you? Did the gallery wall keep you inspired? Did the kitchen island encourage you to cook more? Did the blue walls keep you zen? Take note of what worked for you so you can bring with you the positives.

Take A Group Picture Out Front

Whether you live with roommates and/or pets or by yourself, have someone take your picture while you stand in front of the house or apartment on the street. One day, it won't look the same. It will be nice to have this relic, this moment stuck in time forever.

Snap Some Pictures Of The Rooms

Though you might not care in the moment, and though your memory might be sharp, over time you'll forget about the little details of your home. You'll forget about the old crown molding, you'll forget about the neat tiles in the bathroom, you'll forget about the way the sun set on the back wall of your bedroom and painted the room orange for only a few minutes. You have room in your phone for some pictures of the rooms. It might seem insignificant now, but you might be happy to have them one day.

Take Note Of Your Best Memories There

Meditate and think about the best things that happened to you while you lived in the space. Think about the most fun memories you have within its walls. Think about the special moments that only the flies on the wall know about.

Take Note Of Your Worst Memories There

Don't dwell on it, but consider the lows you've had in the space. Think about the places you've cried, the spaces you've received bad news and the negative thoughts you've had. And then open the window and let them all air out. No need to take these with you.

Write A Letter To The Place

It doesn't have to be poetic, it doesn't have to be profound, but write a letter to the space in your journal. Personify it. Tell it about how much you love the early morning sunlight and hate the water pressure. Tell it about the holes you put in the walls and the fights you had with your neighbors. By personifying the space, you're bringing to life your own feelings.

Leave Something Behind

Weather it's a magnet on the fridge, your initials on the closet door, curtains, or a bar of fresh soap, leave something behind. Leave something that might delight the next tenants, not disgust them. Leave something as a way of staying with the space and connecting with its new owners. Leave something so as to hold on to something.

Sage Your New Space

Before you move your belongings into your new space, sage it. Safely light a bundle of sage and trace its smoke across every wall and in every corner. Clear whatever negative or foggy feelings you have regarding the new space and spread your positive thoughts for the future around the rooms. Once you're done, open the windows and let it air out. This way, when you move in, good vibes are already waiting for you.

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