How Serious Your Relationship Is, Based On Where You Post About It On Social Media

Relationships in the digital age are getting more complicated by the minute. To quote Drew Berrymore's character in He's Just Not That Into You: "Now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It's exhausting." Romantic endeavors are evolving, with dating apps becoming the new meet-cute you can control from the pocket on your jeans. We are all witnessing the internet and technology changing how we approach relationships.

Having a significant other means including them in your online footprint. Your pictures, conversations and flirting can be seen by your entire friend group before, during, and even after your relationship. And while seeing your ex's picture pop up in your newsfeed isn't always a pleasant feelings, nostalgia almost always wins. I tend to be really glad when I am reminded of a time I was really happy. As I go through all of the social media platforms I'm on, I pick up on the different aspects of my relationship I let slip into the webosphere. Some sites have nothing, while others have hints. I was only ever explicit on one — Facebook.

I love the ability to carve a little space for someone I love in the digital world. But which platform you use is ALWAYS dependent on the relationship stage. After all, you won't use Kik to announce an engagement, and you won't use Facebook to talk about your sex life. It all depends. You know what stage someone is in by what social media platform they post on.



This is the comfortable eight months to 20 months in stage. Your significant other has already farted in front of you and they have seen you lying face down in a pillow from how bad your cramps have gotten. Your love is strong, but can still be summed up in 140 characters or less.



You are in an official relationship. This is where you announce to the world that you are off the market. Then watch as all of your friends like and and heart the crap out of that little blue screen announcement. Because Facebook is both for family and friends, it's the place you announce ~serious relationships~.



You're dating around. Instagram is where you're posting all those cute restaurants your date is taking you to. All those fancy cocktails. Yeah, you're in a filter bliss. New love is so sweet.



You and your partner have started a business together and are expanding between both of your contact books. You want to make sure that everyone knows what you guys are working on next.



You and your significant other have flowed smoothly into that part of the relationship where you two go on a getaway vacation. You share all the cool things you've seen with your friends through Snapchat story and kick back at night, testing the Face Swap feature.



You have fallen in love with someone, but they don't know it yet. You are just an outsider looking in at this point. You share posts that are vague and general, but in your head you know exactly who that anonymous quote is about.



Oh man, this social platform is 100 percent used for wedding planning. That's where your relationship is. You're picking out tableware and venues. That barn on a farm? You got it. Anything you can imagine is here because you will most likely be using it.



You've been together for a LONG time. Long enough to put makeup on your significant other for everyone to see. Or prank them. Or surprise them. Whatever it may be, I'm there to watch!



You're still in the friend-zone. But, you're making amazingly funny Vines together and that's all that really matters. Give it some time and you'll be able to move into the romantic stages with higher production value and editing.

Yik Yak


You just hooked up, but you don't remember their name. You use Yik Yak to send out a search call to anyone and everyone in your area. Maybe you'll find your make-out buddy by the matching glitter smeared all over each other's faces from that Madonna-themed rave!



You're in a long distance relationship and this is a way to keep things interesting and fresh. You miss each other dearly so this is the only option for you. Maybe your S.O. never got to meet your friends? Well, they can obviously all hook up to the video call because there can be up to like 20 people there at a time.



You're getting engaged. Every one of your friends is going to watch it happen live. There are fireworks or hidden boxes or maybe even a dove of two.

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