These ‘Supergirl' Theories About Who's In The Pod Give Fans A Lot To Think About Before Season 2

I love a good cliffhanger, and Supergirl gave us a great one. Sure, there are plenty of unanswered mysteries about Alex Danvers' father and Project Cadmus, as well as new directions for many characters and a little romantic drama. However, the big question now is who's in the pod on Supergirl ? In the Season 1 finale, Kara and J'onn discovered a Kryptonian pod as it crash landed into National City, and Kara gasped as she recognized its passenger.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said that "it’s an important character, and they’ll play an important role in season 2." He also said that the reveal would excite fans and "shake things up" when the show returns. In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Ali Adler dodged the question and added that it could be a "what" in the pod. Now, CBS has not yet officially renewed the series, but the fact that Kreisberg is openly discussing future plot lines and upcoming characters bodes well for the series.

So it's probably someone from Krypton and it's probably someone that Kara knows. Or, at least, someone who looks like someone that Kara knows. For obvious reasons, there aren't a lot of Kryptonians to choose from. Here is a roundup of some potential pod-people to get the ball rolling while we wait on Season 2.



This is the Earth-2 equivalent of Krypton's Kara who has taken Superman's place in their version of the Justice League, though with The Flash establishing the Supergirl universe as the third Earth in the known multiverse, "Earth-2" may not be the best descriptor anymore. So basically, a doppleganger. That would explain our Kara's confusion, and would make for a fun surprise — but I can see how a superdog would be fun.



Since the series mentioned Project Cadmus, fan speculation has pointed to the introduction of Superboy. Maybe Project Cadmus has stolen or replicated a Kryptonian pod, and used it to fool Kara into trusting this stranger. That would explain the pod's suspiciously perfect timing and location. Here's my question — would Kara recognize a younger Kal-El? We've met one version, played by Daniel DiMaggio, but I don't know.



What if Krypto, the Superdog is in the pod? That would be fun, though at some point you've got to wonder why the elder members of the House of El didn't just go to Earth themselves, if they had so many pods to spare. As far as cliffhangers go, it could also be a bit of a letdown. There isn't a lot of conflict with Krypto. Still, it would be a fun surprise.

Alura Zor-El


This is my personal theory. I think that, somehow, Kara's mother survived and has been stuck in the Phantom Zone as well. Not only would the reunion be welcome, but it would create an excellent inner conflict for Kara in Season 2. Does she stay with her friends and new life on Earth, or drop everything to be with her Kryptonian family?

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