How To Watch Tuesday Results Live Online Or On TV To Keep Up With The Acela Primary

April 26 is another big day for the U.S. presidential primaries, as polls open in five Northeastern states. Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island all have their primaries on Tuesday, and it's an important one with plenty of delegates available to each party. The primaries have been an up and down rollercoaster so far, with wins and losses for all candidates, ups and downs for both parties, some pandering, plenty of tweeting, and a fair amount of name-calling. With the Acela Express making its way through the Northeast, here's how you can watch Tuesday primary results live.

Whether you're tuning in from your phone, your computer, or your T.V. screen there are plenty of places you can keep up with the live Tuesday primary coverage. For those tuning in from home, and who have an accessible T.V., you can watch live coverage of results on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, among other T.V. news stations. For those of you who will be following from your computer or phone, you can check out an online live stream on ABC News, or follow live coverage from different news sources, such as the Associated Press, Politico, the Guardian, CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Buzzfeed News, NBC News, among others. You can also search Twitter and Google for quick and updated results.


Tuesday's primary is another important day for candidates and there are plenty of delegates for all candidates to pick up. The GOP has 118 delegates that they can win across the five states — Pennsylvania holds the most delegates, followed by Maryland. Tuesday is also looking to be a big day for frontrunner and businessman Donald Trump who is polling ahead of his opponents in all states. Of course, Trump needs all the delegates he can get to secure a nomination ahead of July's Republican convention where there will be an opportunity to keep him from winning.

For Democrats, there are 384 delegates that can be allocated, and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is looking like the probable winner of most states on Tuesday. Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are polling pretty closely though in some states. Clinton leads with 48 percent favorability in Connecticut and 51 favorability in Pennsylvania but is behind Sanders in Rhode Island with 45. In any case, it's possible for Sanders to catch up in Connecticut with such a small margin, but will have to fight to close the gap in Pennsylvania and maintain his lead in Rhode Island.

Tuesday's primaries are important to catch, so be sure to check out the live results at the aforementioned sources, whether you're online or on the couch.

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