When Is Thigh Chafing Not Thigh Chafing? How To Identify The Problem

Many of us are woefully well-acquainted of the summer affliction that is thigh chafing. It's painful, uncomfortable, and inconvenient, yes — but are there any times when you could be mistaking it with something else? Are there cases when thigh chafing is not thigh chafing?

Well, as the case may be, yes — but unfortunately, most of the other options are just as annoying as your standard thigh chafing is, so it's kind of a lose-lose situation (as painful inner thigh rashes are wont to be). According to Good Housekeeping, thigh chafing can sometimes lead to infection, yeast or otherwise — so your thigh chafing may be masking something slightly more serious. The painful broken skin makes it an easy place for bacteria, yeast, and even fungi to infiltrate, but luckily, a quick trip to the doctor for some antibiotic and/or anti-fungal cream will clear things up.

If it's not thigh chafing, and it's not a thigh-chafing infection, what else could it be? Well, eczema has a similar appearance to your standard chub rub, so it's easy to get them confused with one another. As with thigh chafing, eczema is also more common in the summer (according to the Portland Hospital, sweating and other factors can cause a flare-up) — though, it likely won't burn and sting the way thigh chafing does, so if you check your symptoms, you'll be able to make the distinction.

Psoriasis is another skin affliction that can rather uncomfortably be found in the inner thigh region. According to Healthline, inverse psoriasis is a raised and red skin rash that tends affect skin folds, such as your armpits, groin, and inner thigh. Like eczema, it's pretty distinguishable from thigh chafing — it's likely itchier, with less of a sting, and the appearance of red lesions gives it a different appearance from a normal heat rash.

When it really comes down to it, no type of rash on any part of the body (let alone a sensitive and visible area, like the inner thighs) is going to be much fun. That said, if you're able to figure out what kind of skin concern your dealing with, it'll be easier to treat. Of course, if you think you've got an infection of any kind, eczema, or psoriasis, it's important to head over to your doctor so they can prescribe the proper treatment.

But if it's regular old thigh chafing? Well, friction-reducing balms and high-coverage bike shorts may just be the way to go.

Images: Curtis Mac Newton/Unsplash; Giphy (3)