6 Ways To Deal With Thigh Chafing

by Vanesa Pacheco

Warm weather means trading in our coats and sweaters for sandals, sundresses, and stunning shades. But with the switch also comes having to deal with thigh chafing. Now that I can rock a skirt without the need for pantyhose, my inner thighs are vulnerable to the self-induced friction burn all because I don’t happen to have a thigh gap. Of course, this won’t stop me from wearing the dozens of summer skirts and dresses sitting in my closet, but it is an issue. I love my thighs, but I want to show them off without being in pain!

Thankfully, it so happens that skorts are officially in style, and I can rejoice in being able to look amazing and comfortable at the same time. However, I can’t replace my entire wardrobe with skorts for the whole summer. What’s a girl to do? Plenty!

Obviously I am not the only one whose thighs rub together. People have been coming up with ways to deal with the friction between their legs (lol) long before I was born. Even so, it seems that one way doesn’t always work for everyone. So, if you still want to strut fiercely this spring and summer without chafing, here are 6 different ways to protect your thighs.

1. Bandelettes

Lace is seriously the bee’s knees. I personally have an intense love for anything lingerie-esque, and when it comes to lacey-looking-garter-stocking-things, I’m all in. However, these fun thigh-huggers aren’t simply worn to make you look (and feel) good, they also prevent your thighs from rubbing away with every step. You just slide them up as high as you wish and then go about your day. The best part is that they don’t fall down after walking!

If you’re not a fan of lace, there are others kinds of bandelettes that are solid colored, but work exactly the same.

Try: Bandelettes Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands, $18, Amazon

2. Undergarment Shorts

There’s always more security when wearing shorts under your skirts or dresses. For one, you won’t have a Marilyn Monroe moment happen where the entire population will see your undies (this has happened to me). On top of that, they keep your thighs happy and rub-free. I do, however, dislike wearing shapewear, which is what most undershorts are nowadays. Why do I need to tuck in my tummy or whatever they’re meant to do? Thankfully, Thigh Society sells perfect undergarment shorts that are both effective and are not shapewear.

3. Boxer Briefs

Sure, they’re technically made for men, but they’re basically the same thing as undershorts (and who cares if they’re men’s clothes?!). They’re underwear and stop chafing, which is a win/win in my book. Also, you only have to wear ONE thing under your outfits instead of two. What's even more awesome is that they’re super convenient to find and cost significantly less than other brands.

Try: FOXERS Women's Boxer Brief Underwear with Pockets, $30, Amazon

4. Anti-Chafing Product

Sometimes our thighs just want to be free of any material, especially if it’s hot outside. But this also means our thighs are more likely to get sore. For this, there’s BodyGlide. It was originally designed for athletes who are at high-risk for dealing with chaffing, blisters, or raw skin, so you know it will last! However, if you’ve tried that brand or want to find another, look into Secret Shield, an all-natural friction defense stick. It is essentially the same kind of product; that is, you apply it in the same way over the areas you’re trying to protect, and that’s it!

These products are great because you can carry them around in case you ever need to reapply while out and about.

Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, $4, Amazon

5. Talcum Powder

One of the best ways to easily help with chaffing is to apply some talcum powder to your thighs. I’ve used this method when I didn’t have shorts on or anti-chafing products around. It definitely helped get me through the day! I used Johnson’s Baby Powder that day, but there are some other products that work much better and are made for anti-chafing like Lady Anti Monkey Butt. If you’re a lushie, there’s also Lush’s Silky Underwear Dusty Powder that is equally as great.

Lady Monkey Butt 2 pack, $11, Amazon

6. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel

Looking for a mixture of both the gel and powder? Try Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. It’s in the aisle with all the vagina creams and stuff, but it isn’t a vaginal cream. It is, however, a great chafing solution for those who want to head out without fear of friction burn. Double awesome? Apparently, you can also use it as a face primer (compared to Smashbox Photo Finish Primer), so maybe face primer works for chafing too? I haven’t tested that theory out, but maybe I will eventually.

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-gel, $10, Amazon

Images: criptonomicon/Flickr; Bandelettes; Thigh Society; bodyglide/Instagram