Daniel Passino Woos 'The Voice' Crowd With His Stunning Cyndi Lauper Cover

Daniel Passino is the comeback king on The Voice. Ever since Daniel got kicked out and joined Team Pharrell, he has found a new confidence and has absolutely been killing it. This week, Daniel Passino gave an emotional Voice performance of "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper.

Daniel explained that he had a goal with this performance, saying, "I want to be an artist with multi-layers. The arrangement we put together is really going to help with that." And his coach Pharrell Williams definitely agreed with this thought because, as he explained, "Daniel picked this song because he realized that it is really important to show different sides of his personality." And, Daniel more than succeeded, at least according to the coaches.

Blake Shelton said, "You are so smooth, man. Your voice is so strong and there's a smoothness and coolness." Daniel's former coach Christina Aguilera gave kudos to Pharell for being Daniel's coach and pointed out that she's seen Daniel's "confidence really blossom," which is a sentiment that I think everyone can agree with.

Pharrell also told Daniel that "he worked the room" and that he "made the performance his own." He added, "That last note was so crazy that they were clapping while you were still singing and I don't think I've ever seen that on the show before."

It's safe to say that Daniel absolutely crushed the performance, and his coach Pharrell said it best at rehearsal when he declared, "That was masterful. You're ready for the world." It's true that the world is so ready for Daniel. I would be completely shocked if he ever got voted out again. Daniel is growing so much throughout the course of the competition and showing his diversity as an artist. He is definitely one to watch!

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC