Adam Wakefield Sings Journey On 'The Voice' & Impresses Everyone

Adam Wakefield has really found his niche as the country rock artist on this season of The Voice, but he stepped outside of his comfort zone this week. Adam Wakefield put his own spin on the Journey classic "Lights" and he killed it. On top of that, he played the piano while he sang. He definitely brought down the house, and it felt like he really made the song his own instead of just a standard cover. He even had the audience clapping along to the beat during the performance. Everyone was really into it and his coach Blake Shelton was beaming with joy the entire time. I've never seen a bigger smile in my life.

Pharrell could barely compose himself at first because he was so impressed. Then he said, "You have a classic voice that feels like it's straight out of southern rock in the seventies, number one. Number two, I feel like I just discovered a whole other thing that I didn't know you had in you." He also told Adam that he "made the song [his]" and "made it super soulful." Pharrell even said that "Big Machine (the record label) should be watching you right now because you are ready, ready, ready." That's some high praise from someone who isn't even Adam Wakefield's coach.

Adam Levine said that Wakefield was "amazing" and that "this dude does everything" and that he "can't think of anything [he] can't do." And, I had no idea how Adam Wakefield's actual coach was supposed to follow up after he received such high praise from the other coaches.

But, his coach, Blake Shelton, said, "[Wakefield] always knows that there's a little more [he] can give it and it keeps you at the edge of your seat." He also said Wakefield "gives it that moment right when it counts."

He got such a high praise from everyone and the contestant definitely succeeded in an effort to branch out from being pigeonholed as a specific kind of artist. The man can really do it all.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC