Nick Hagelin Covers John Mayer On 'The Voice' & Knocks It Out Of The Park

If you are going to listen to one song on repeat from this week's performances, it is going to be Nick Hagelin's Voice cover of "Your Body Is A Wonderland" by John Mayer. He absolutely killed it. He had the audience clapping along to the beat from the very start of the song. Not only did he sing it perfectly, but he also played guitar the entire time. He was making every lady in the audience and at home very jealous of his wife with that performance.

I don't really understand what Blake Shelton was saying in response to Nick Hagelin's performance, but I was definitely entertained by it. Blake said, "I swear it's like Jason Bourne picked up the guitar in the middle of the movie and rocked the house and then ran off and shot some people." I'm sure that was a compliment, but I just don't totally get it and Adam Levine immediately made fun of him for that random comparison.

Nick's coach Christina Aguilera said that she's "become such a huge fan of [his] and not just on the stage, but also getting to know [him] off the stage." She said that he has "the best energy" and that he is "so charismatic up there on that stage." And, she said what fans were all thinking when she said that he was "just lovable" and that she "understands why [he] has such a following at this point."

In rehearsal, Nick Hagelin said, "I'm just not ready to go home," but I don't think that's something he will have to worry about after such a great performance. I have a feeling that everyone will be downloading that performance and playing it on repeat, so I'm sure he will get all of the votes that he needs to stick around for another week. If that wasn't already a famous John Mayer song, it could easily be chart-topping single, and I have a feeling that it will do very well on the iTunes list this week!

Image: NBC