The One Kylie Metal Matte Alternative You Need Is So Affordable — PHOTOS

Sigh. More like "Le sigh." Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Liquid Lipsticks are sold out. Still, the brand has been posting pics of fans that managed to nab the chrome-like lippies painting their puckers with Heir, Reign, and King. It's making me further covet Kylie Jenner's latest lip innovation. However, Wet n Wild's Metallic Liquid Lipsticks, as posted by beauty vlogger Kathleen Lights, are an affordable alternative to the hard-to-get Metal Mattes. The WnW lippies are on trend, the colors gleam, and they won't empty your wallet. You can stock up with plenty of these suitable dupes. However, there is one pretty maj difference between the Metal Mattes and the Metallic Liquid Lipsticks. But it's not a deal breaker.

The Wet n Wild lipsticks, which are part of the Summer 2016, collection, do not dry down to a matte finish, per Kathleen Lights. You will get the metallic glow without the matte texture. The WnW lipsticks don't appear to be touted as mattes, so there's no issues there. Plus, you need to remember something important. Gloss is making a comeback in 2016, as Jenner herself launched a trio of luxe, neutral-hued glosses with a seriously blinding shine factor. A metallic liquid lipstick that is super shiny, like a gloss, is fine by me and it'll probably be fine by you.

Wet n Wild products are available at drugstores, so you'll want to poke around your local Walgreens or CVS or Rite-Aid to find a supply of these babies.

The Metallic Liquid Lipsticks have floral names and are pigment saturated. IMO, the color intensity is what really separates a lip gloss from a liquid lipstick with shine. That shine, though! You get the metal without the matte here. That color payoff makes these bad boys worth while.

Here are swatches of the Kylie Metal Mattes for comparison. Again, no matte but the same sort of rich, no joke pigmentation.

Some makeupistas noted in the comments of Kathleen Lights' post that they had to work hard to find these new Metallic Liquid Lipsticks. So keep that in mind if you plan to shop these lippies. Clearly, fans are shopping them.

Also, if you are adventurous and love beauty hacks, there are ways to mattify shiny lip products. You could try and customize one of this for a Metal Matte look.

Images: Kathleen Lights/Instagram (1); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2)