Why Did Kylie Jenner Go Glossy With New Lip Products? Here Are The Possible Reasons

When Kylie Jenner revealed that she was launching a trio of nudish x pinkish x peachy neutral lip glosses as her latest cosmetic product, as opposed to a new shade of always sold out, mega matte Kylie Lip Kits, I was struck by one fan's random comment on an Instagram post. The fan sarcastically noted that Jenner was already launching a new product, despite being unable to keep her Lip Kits in stock and thereby unable to satisfy paying customers. I picked up what was put down — get the supply and demand economics of the Lip Kit biz right first before introducing a new product via a ghetto fab music video. It made me ask myself: Why is Kylie Jenner doing lip glosses?

Here's my theory and it relates back to the Insta comment.

While I can appreciate the sentiment, since there are plenty of fans that are still trying to nab their very first Lip Kit, I have to disagree. Kylie Jenner did, in fact, get her brand launch right even if she is dealing with cranky, Lip Kit-less customers.

The Lip Kits achieved instant kult status and they retain that, since they are still pretty hard to get. However —and this may seem contradictory— the Lip Kits are also a blockbuster makeup innovation. Jenner nailed it. That gives her the freedom and the room to grow and execute a new product.

While there are plenty of colors that haven't yet (but should) receive the Lip Kit treatment, Jenner is a trendsetter and an influencer, not a follower. It's almost like she had to go and do something new, like creating a brand new product, to remain vital, viable, and to stay atop the cosmetics game.

So many established, "available everywhere" brands, like Too Faced and MAC, are introducing new products en masse to market every month. In order to maintain footing in a parallel world, Jenner had to take the next step.

I did waver back and forth recently, wondering if all Lip Kits would be matte or if Jenner would try a new texture and a totally new product. It appears that Lip Kits — the liquid lipstick and liner combo that are the cornerstone of the brand— will likely remain matte. The Kylie Glosses are a new, separate product with their own shades and textures.

That said, I rationalized that the teen had more Lip Kit colors to do and she needs to ride that hot horse and maximize the fact that the trend is at its most popular.

But I also argued that trends come and go and Jenner is not the type to be at the tail end of a trend. So I expected her to throw us for a loop by starting a trend. Plus, look at how she stopped doing stiletto and long, talon-like manis, which were another of her signatures, in favor of a shorter, more oval shape lately. It's fine for a trend influencer to change her definitive hallmarks.

With matte lips, she super popularized the trend and then crafted a product so her fans could emulate it. Now it's time for a new trend and a new product. The mania and hype also keeps the wheels of the business rolling.

I'd guess that Jenner willl likely create more Lip Kit colors even though she is also doing Kylie Glosses.

But here's another core reason that I think Jenner went with glosses as her second product. Mega glossed lips have long been a Kardashian signature.

Bob Levey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is always rocking that nude x pink glossed lip. She isn't really a matte lipstick girl. Neither is Kourtney Kardashian, who had the gothic purple Kourt K shade christened after her.

Nude, pink, and super shiny lips are such a Kardashian thing.

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Leave it to a Jenner, who is a "Kardashianner," to reboot that trend.

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