Here's How Much The Glossier Logo Pin Costs

After mastering skincare and becoming an instant hit in the makeup world, this company is proving that it can truly do it all — including accessories. With more products in the "merch" tab on the website than ever before, Glossier now has a "G" logo pin that can instantly make any outfit a bit trendier. How much is the Glossier pin, you ask? You'll be happy to know that all the fun little merchandise in the online shop is super affordable.

You might remember the awesome Glossier sweatshirt that was released to the public after the brand became just as big of a hit outside of the office as it was inside the office. Well, now the company has decided to amp up its merchandise selection with three other pieces that are just as trendy as they are practical. The most wearable of them all is the tiny little "G" pin that will spruce up your outfit in just seconds. Consider this a fashionable upgrade of all those pins you used to stick on your backpack in the '90s.

At only $14, you can show pride for your favorite brand without breaking the bank. According to the site, the design was inspired by the Gothic blackletter updated by the company's design team. Glossier has a minimal, ultra modern aesthetic to all the packaging that is completely encapsulated by the pink logo pin. One look at this and you'll see why you need it hanging from your denim jacket.

But seriously how cool is that? This isn't the only merch available on the site either. With a handful of trendy and practical items, just one look will have you instantly hooked on the brand. Not to mention each piece is super affordable too, making this a win-win for everyone involved.

1. Glossier Sweatshirt

Glossier Sweatshirt, $60, Glossier

The unisex sweatshirt is perfect for all of you minimalists out there. With a super soft, plush fleece and a worn-in look, the crew neck feels like it has always had a place in your closet.

It's classic and sophisticated all in one!

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2. 5 Pink Pouches

5 Pink Pouches, $20, Glossier

I know what you're thinking. These might seem really bizarre, but it actually makes complete sense. You can now purchase five packs of the same bubble wrap pouches that come with each Glossier purchase, which are perfect for traveling especially considering the zip closure and soft, secure packaging.

They're actually pretty chic too, once you see them in action.

3. G-Pin

Logo G-Pin, $14, Glossier

As shown on the website, this pin is the perfect accessory for an outfit. Personally, I would add it to a trendy backpack pin collection or to a subtle scarf.

Now you can wear Glossier on your face and on your sleeve.

4. Terry Headbands

Terry Headband, $15, Glossier

The cuteness of this product is only one of the many benefits. It protects your hair from extra moisture, making it the perfect accessory for when you use face masks or cleanse. Plus it'll look adorable in your bathroom.

These products aren't just practical, they're super adorable too!

Images: Glossier (10)