Gigi Hadid's Birthday Outfit Is So Cool

Over the weekend this model-of-the-moment celebrated her 21st birthday and, naturally, she did it in style. The birthday girl posted a photo on her Instagram of her and bestie Taylor Swift celebrating over cake, and, surprise, surprise, Gigi Hadid's 21st birthday outfit was super stylish. In a soft, cream leather jacket, destroyed white jeans, and an adorable neckerchief, she looked both laid back and polished. But would you expect anything else from the now 21-year-old It-girl? Nope, didn't think so!

Hadid's birthday weekend was certainly one to remember — or at least it looked that way on social media. She hung out with her family, got a chance to take a dip with sister Bella Hadid and newly public boyfriend, Zayn Malik. Plus, she also got to catch part of the second weekend of Coachella, which is where Swift and Hadid presumably met up. Even though Swift's platinum blonde 'do is a major talking point as of now, there's no doubt that Hadid's gorgeous, unique ensemble really stole the show in the snap she posted on her Instagram page.

From the interesting mix and match of yellow, cream, and white, to the oversized jacket and the neckerchief, there's no doubt Hadid knows how to dress herself. And the fact that she chose such a cool and casual ensemble to celebrate such a milestone birthday while her career only promises to sky-rocket even further than it has, shows she's more down-to-earth than we'd expect any other celebrity 21-year-old to be.

Be enough talk, let's take a look at the ensemble, shall we? Just be prepared to feel some major style inspiration and love for Gi-squared, because this birthday suit is beyond amazing.

Didn't I tell you? While we can't see what shoes she's wearing, I have no doubt she's probably rocking some pretty amazing kicks with this ensemble.

Hadid is easily one of the most popular models at the moment and she just turned 21-years-old. While most people might assume that young, successful people do outrageous things on their birthdays, Hadid proved that's not always the case. From hanging with the family to chilling with friends, to rocking a totally cute outfit, Hadid's birthday seemed like one to remember. But if what you're going to remember is her outfit, have no fear — here are seven pieces to recreate the look, because whether it's your birthday or not, this is one stylish outfit.

1. Leather Jacket

BB Dakota Arianna Vegan Leather Drape Jacket, $109, Urban Outfitters

A sleek white leather jacket seems like the perfect wardrobe addition for spring/summer.

Studio Lace Biker Jacket, $64.99, Eloquii

Extra points if it features soft lace detailing.

2. Destroyed White Denim

White Embroidered Pocket Distressed Skinny Jeans - Plus, $26.99, Zulily

Even though they're stain magnets, white jeans are pretty stylish.

MOTO Super Rip Jamie Jeans, $80, Topshop

I mean, they'd just look good with anything. T-shirts, blouses, even sweaters. White jeans are where it's at!

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3. Grahpic T-Shirt

Pink Clove Keep On Dancing Slogan Tee, $19.50, Asos

You can't go wrong with a cute, graphic T-shirt that encourages you to dance.

Project Social T Smile Tee, $34, Urban Outfitters

Or one that tells you to smile.

4. Neckerchief

Polka Dot Mini Square Scarf, $5.90, Forever21

And finally, to finish the look, a cute, printed neckerchief to pull it all together.

All in all, Hadid's birthday suit was just as fabulous as Hadid herself. Happy belated birthday, Gigi!

Images: Gigi Hadid/Instagram, Courtesy Brands