Gigi Hadid Strives To Be A Healthy Role Model, Plus Her Body Positive Thoughts On Accepting Yourself

Gigi Hadid has a killer squad, a ridiculously successful career, and to top it all off, she's totally body positive. The gorgeous model sat down with Daily Mail Australia, and according to the interview, Gigi Hadid wants to be a healthy role model. For the stunning model, this means making sure that fitting the needs of brands and designers happens in a healthy way and continuing to view her body in a positive manner that encourages others to do the same.

Hadid is, without a doubt, one of the most successful models in the industry right now. She's the face of Topshop, has starred in a gorgeous sisterly campaign for Balmain, and walked for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Max Mara, and Tommy Hilfiger. She's got a diverse range of campaigns, but that doesn't mean she manipulates her body in unhealthy ways in order to achieve the looks that these brands are seeking. Instead, she wants to be a "healthy role model." Of her relationship with modeling and her body, Hadid says, "I can have like, you know, the body for a certain runway show if I need to, but that doesn't mean that I'm doing it in an unhealthy way." Hadid goes on to explain that while she has realized that her body had to change from her younger years, she never intends to be "two pounds soaking wet."

Hadid goes further into detail discussing how her body has evolved over time. She says that her figure has not also been the slim frame we see today. When Hadid was younger, the model told Daily Mail Australia that her thighs were "huge." She went on to clarify by saying, "When I was growing up, I was really athletic and I had a very athletic body, like, my thighs were huge but they were like rock. I had like crazy muscles and I ate like a man—more than the man that I eat like now—like a bigger man." While her body has evolved, Hadid has accepted it at every stage and seems to believe that others should do the same. She explains, "If you just kind of embrace yourself, like, other people accept you in the same way, And I think that's really cool, to tell other people...that you don't always have to go with the cookie-cutter version of what people tell you you're supposed to be."

I love Hadid's candidness about her body as well as her ability to balance the demands of her career and her desire to be healthy. Not only is she totally body positive, but she's part of a squad that embodies #squadgoals with their support of one another. With all of her attributes, it's easy to see why Hadid is not only successful but popular.

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