Behold This In-Home Tortilla Making Machine

You know what sounds delicious right about now? Tortillas. I could have those for breakfast lunch or dinner, and now with the tortilla making machine called Flatev, I can. Seriously, it pops out delicious ready made tortillas with a press of a button. Like a Keurig! I'm getting so excited I can't even contain myself right now. I wish I could have one in my kitchen tomorrow, but I'm afraid the price tag is a little out of reach at the moment. It looks like it will be somewhere between $250 and $300, the amount I'm currently not in possession of. My dreams of hosting an instant homemade tortilla party will just have to wait.

It takes the mess out of making tortillas from scratch. Cleanup becomes a breeze. And if the commercial for it is to be believed, they will end up tasting like you just made them from scratch yourself — or at least you asked a very skilled chef to do it for you. Either way, I am down! The individual pods will end up costing you about 90 cents a pop. If your friends are smart, they can just bring their own and you won't have to worry about stocking up supplies. Instead, you can focus on the toppings and drinks. Tortilla potluck party at your place!

If you want to check out the machine for yourself, you can see the full video below. They do not currently have a Kickstarter, but they are allowing people to pre-order on their website.

I love the design. I think that it looks really retro and kind of like a old radio set from an American living room in the '40s. The added bonus being that food comes out of it instead of wartime ration announcements.

The commercial implies that you can substitute the traditional cooking techniques of your relatives with this machine. A pretty tall and bold order. If my grandmother ever heard that she could be replaced with a blender, she wouldn't be chill about it.

Obviously, having to create the mixture, flatten, and then cook the tortillas takes time. And a lot of us don't have it. Having this machine would obviously solve that problem.

All you have to do is just pop in a little pod with the dough mixture inside the machine, press a button and weight for it to pop a fresh tortilla onto your plate in seconds. I wish we got the full breakdown of how it happen on the inside, but I understand that a mystery needs to exist. I cannot wait for them to put this on Kickstarter and mass produce these babies. My dream is that the price drops and I can get one ASAP.

Images: YouTube