Ding Dong Mr. Green is Dead! Was it Really Bates?

Have you gathered yourself with a glass of summer Pimms to handle all of the news happening on Downton Abbey this week? Good, good, us too. Mr. Green is dead after mysteriously falling in the road in London and being struck by a bus or truck. But wait! Don’t celebrate just yet...Mr. Bates was also gone from Downton on the very same afternoon supposedly going up to York. He raised many a suspicious brow at Green and asked him on his last visit where in London he lived. Did Bates truly do the deed or was it just some strange twist of fate? Were it the former, it would be a problem even Mrs. Hughes and Violet combined couldn't work their way around.

All of Downton was in a flurry this week preparing for the annual village bazaar. While Cora was occupied putting the whole thing together, Rose took the time to sneak off into town to meet up with Jack. Their affair was short lived after Tom spotted them. He divulged the details to Mary and she took it upon herself to confront Rose. But Lady Mary wasn’t quite finished, she then went into London to have a heart-to-heart with Jack. The talk was as much about the controversy of his skin color and more about the commitment of marriage (and the fact that Rose was more interested in revenge on her mother than love). Within the span of their five-minute chat, Jack decided to call off their relationship. Though I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the last we’ll see of these two together.

When Mary wasn’t meddling in the love life of her cousin, she was caught up in her own matters of the heart. Gillingham called off his engagement (no surprise there) and Blake made his interest in her quite clear. Both men said in their own words that they wouldn’t give up on her without a fight, so it’s really only a matter of time before it’s revealed that they are in love with the same woman and a very sophisticated bout of fisticuffs ensues.

Aside from that whole possible murder thing...love really was in the air at Downton this week. Tom and the schoolteacher/politico Ms. Bunting conveniently ran into each other quite literally all over town — even on the side of the road. Dear ‘ole Molesley was getting his flirt on with Baxter. She was quite smitten after he showed his super hunky strength at the bazaar and standing up for her against Thomas, Even Mrs. Crawley was gettin’ it this week with Lord Martin. The two were cheekily set up by the Dowager Countess and it turns out Mr. Martin has the same kind of emotional word vomit as most of us get after a glass of bad chardonnay. Nevertheless he made up for bringing up Matthew’s death and his “mismatched” relationship to his late wife with some flowers because manners.

Alfred made his way back one last time after returning north for his father’s funeral. And to all insult to emotional injury, the poor guy was rejected by Ivy when he asked her to marry him and move to London. Daisy surprised everyone by reacting to his presence with dignity and kindness. They said their goodbyes and parted as friends. OF COURSE Alfred admitted he had been blind to most things when he was chasing after Ivy and missed out on the fact that Daisy was the one who was always most loyal and good to him. That sounds familiar...where...have...I...OH RIGHT MY LOVE LIFE FOREVER, THANKS DOWNTON.

Right, okay, enough about me...back to Downton Abbey. Edith and her auntie Rosamund made up a scheme that they would go live in Switzerland for a few months so Edith could have the child and give it up for adoption without anyone knowing. Naturally Cora reacted with the same wide-eyed reaction she has to most things. But, nothing gets past Violet and she sniffed out the lie as soon as it was uttered. Rather than casting Edith away, she offered to help pay for the trip since she knew what kind of social bruise it would put on the entire family and all of Downton were she to raise Michael’s child.

Lord Gillingham surprised everyone by returning home early and just in time for next week’s finale. Will Mary choose a new suitor? Will she keep Bates’ absence from Downton while she was in London and Anna’s secret about Mr. Green in order to protect them? Will we ever find out why Thomas is so obsessed with gossip? Oh, the storm clouds were a-brewin’ and I can’t wait to see how it all goes down for the end of season four. As eager as I am for the finale, I am thankful this week blessed us all with this gif:

Images: Downton Abbey/PBS; noyoureoutoforder/Tumblr