Are ColourPop's Matte X Lippie Stix Vegan? There Are Many Reasons To Love These Lipsticks

If you’re in the market for an incredible matte lipstick, then look no further. That’s right, after only seeing the swatches online I can already tell that these lippies are everything you could hope for. But, wait. The final test. Are ColourPop’s Matte X Lippie Stix vegan? According to the brand's Twitter account, they sure are!

When I tell you that these lip products meet each and every part of your criteria, I mean it. Amazing color, check. Matte finish, check. Affordable, check. And even vegan? Double-check! In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that almost all of ColourPop Cosmetics’ products are vegan, and if you’re looking to find out which products aren’t, the brand details it in list-form on the FAQ page of the website. Now, talk about transparency. Isn’t that so refreshing from a beauty brand?

They’re also open about the fact that their products are gluten-free, although they wouldn’t recommend you eating any of them. On top of that, they are “100% fur baby friendly, bunny approved, and only test our products on humans – the ones in our HQ to be exact,” according to their website. So, if this wasn’t already your favorite beauty brand, I’m sure it’s quickly going to the top of your list. And you haven’t even seen the incredible swatches, yet. Behold, their greatness!

YAS, indeed!

Isn't this just the best thing you could ever get your hands on?

It's always nice to find a beauty brand that loves animals as much as you do.

And one that appreciates a good bold lip.

When it comes to lippies, it really doesn't get better than this! So, shop them as soon as they drop on the ColourPop Cosmetics website on April 28th.