Are These Liners The Next Kylie Lip Kit?

When you have over 13 million followers and are a major beauty influencer on IG, chances are high you know a thing or two about makeup. Cosmetics queen and insta celeb Huda Kattan is launching lip liners that are specifically designed to last all day long, and the girl knows what's up with crafting the perfect formula. Given how seriously Kattan takes her lip looks, I'm willing to believe her about how epic these liners are!

In case Kattan is an unfamiliar name to you, let me give you a quick rundown: The makeup master was born in Tennessee to Iraqi parents, took a leap of faith and left working in finance to pursue being a makeup artist (go girl!), and is now adding a line to her already successful cosmetics brand with a slew of stunner lip contour liners. And once you get a peek of them, you'll realize they totally rival any Kylie Lip Kit.

The initial product drop from Huda Beauty features nine liners, each of which she says go on smooth and creamy to become ultra long-lasting. Whether you're into subtle nudes or deep and fierce burgundies, you're bound to find a shade you dig.

"I love, love, love lip liners. I live for them — they're so important," Kattan told POPSUGAR. "Not only can they make your lips bigger, but they can make a face look so much more harmonious." Her enthusiasm and passion definitely come through in these gorgeous lippies! You can shop them on May 3.

Also, can we stop and appreciate how gorgeous the burgundy is?

You can even see the liner in action!

May 3 can't come soon enough, y'all.

Images: HudaBeauty/Instagram