11 Things People In Big Cities Do In Relationships

Whether you live in a one-stoplight town or the middle of Times Square, most couples in committed relationships follow a similar day-to-day trajectory. City-dweller or country mouse, you probably go shopping together, go to the movies, and maybe even jog side-by-side at the gym. It's fairly likely that a large portion of those lazy weeknights also involve some serious TV streaming and comfy couch time.

However, if you and your bae live in a city there are some very unique things that you probably also do together. Of course, you don't have to be in Paris, city of love, to find someone special, but it could help for keeping the spark alive. When it comes time for date night, the diverse range of activities and restaurants available can help keep the relationship lively and exciting. But of course, just because you live in a city doesn't mean that you always take advantage of all it has to offer.

A good partner will encourage you to have fun and explore your town together with boundless curiosity. It's easy once you begin a relationship to hibernate together in your tiny apartment — but then you might as well be anywhere! Though the streets may be dirty and the rents are high, there is nothing like having a city as the romantic backdrop for your relationship. Here's what couples do (both good and bad) that is unique to living in a city:

1. You Are Highly Territorial Over "Your" Restaurant

Even though cities are chock full of amazing food and dining experiences, everyone has that one special spot. As a couple, you've frequented the place enough that you know the servers by name, and basically have a permanent "reserved" sign on your banquet. If any one asks for recommendations on where to eat, you feel that it's your solemn duty to keep it a secret. May the tourists never discover it!

2. You Take Trips To “The Country” (Otherwise Known As, Places with Trees)

When you live in an urban center, your definition of what qualifies as greenery can get pretty lax. A patch of scrubby grass overlooking a highway is "a park" and a pot of basil languishing on your fire escape becomes "a garden." In order to get some fresh air and a hearty dose of nature, city couples occasionally abandon the concrete jungle and take weekends away to more green locals. Who knew there were so many trees out there!

3. You Eat Too Many Sample Olives In The Fancy Grocery Stores

I mean, if the olives are free and nobody else is watching... who says that can't be dinner?

4. You Get Stuck On Trains

You know that you really love someone when you get stuck on a hot subway together and it doesn't end in tears. As a couple you probably brave public transit daily, and experience trials and tribulations that test the bounds of sanity. However, if you can hear "We are experiencing delays because of train traffic ahead" and manage to keep your cool then you, my friend, are an American hero. If you can do that as a couple (and maybe even glean some fun from it) you know you're basically soulmates.

5. You Make Up Backstories For Strangers

The city is full of characters, and with the lack of personal space available, you can get to know all of them pretty well. Going out to dinner, you've probably sat uncomfortably close to other people and overheard snippets of their conversation. As a city couple you can spend your entire meal allowing your imaginations to run free as you create a detailed backstory for these strangers. With all the possibilities to discuss, hours of fun awaits.

6. You Spend Too Much Money On Brunch

Spending $18 on eggs and $11 on a mimosa that's mostly OJ may seem a tad extravagant, but for a city couple it's sadly the norm. The popularity of brunch has pushed prices to ludicrous new heights, but it's pretty tough to avoid the weekend tradition entirely. City couples tend to overlook the price tag and celebrate the end of the grueling work week with some strong coffee and a potent Bloody Mary — just like nature intended.

7. You Stand In Lines For Everything

Movie, bathroom, grocery store, pool table, bartender — anything that is worthwhile in your town is most likely proceeded by a line. But couples who wait together can help shake off the boredom and turn that line into a good time! Or you can always play games on your phone. Also a good option.

8. You Move In Together (A Tad) Quickly

'Cause it's the only way you can afford the rent of a one-bedroom.

9. You Walk Everywhere

For most cities, walking is the best way to get around. But the pedestrian nature of cities can be romantic allowing for ample time for hand holding (and creating a human wall that cuts off tourists and pushy commuters).

10. You Make Plans To Go To Museums... And Sometimes Actually Go

In a city there are so many easily accessible things to see and do, and it can get a tad overwhelming. When you both finally get a day off do you choose to catch that new show at the modern art museum? Check out the planetarium at the natural history museum? Frequently you make a plan to finally get some quality culture, but then decide that you really just want to stay in a cuddle. That's OK — you can see that Picasso some other time.

11. You Smooch In Front Of Architectural Landmarks

It is hard to avoid because they are literally all around you. But hey, at least your Instagram game will always be strong.

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