When Is The Kylie Lip Kit Restock Happening?

Each week it seems like something big is being cooked up over at Kylie Cosmetics. This week is no different. The Kylie Lip Kit Restock is happening on Thursday, but not all of Jenner's lip products are going to be hitting the internet shelves. Instead, Jenner will focus on the products that made her beauty empire start to grow — the Lip Kits.

Jenner's meteoric rise to cosmetics fame began with a simple product that was so Kylie Jenner. The Kylie Lip Kits were a matte liquid lippie that launched in November to not only an incredibly speedy sell-out but also rave reviews. With everyone from YouTube beauty gurus to celebrities rocking the product, it turned into a must-have over night and the waiting game for restock announcements began.

The key to the Lip Kit success, though, doesn't just rely on the restocks but the launches. Jenner released three original shades — Dolce K, True Brown K, and Candy K —but after the success of the release, more Lip Kit shades started coming. Now, Jenner has expanded into a total of eight wide-ranging shades, three matte metal shades, and three lip glosses. Basically, she's crossed lip products off the Kylie Cosmetics list. Now, there are some very exciting rumors of Kylie Jenner eye products, but that's unfortunately still just gossip.

Not gossip, though? The Kyle Lip Kit restock! The restock will happen on Thursday at 1:22pm Pacific Standard Time. All eight of the matte Kylie Lip Kits will be available. Unfortunately, though, Jenner won't be restocking her metal mattes of her glosses.

Jenner, however, did tease the release of a new matte Lip Kit via the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram. This means that while there may be a restock just around the corner, there's also probably a launch. Basically, Jenner has a lot up her cosmetic sleeve.

For all the Kylie Lip Kit fans out there, get prepped for the restock. Have credit cards at the ready and snag that Kourt K lippie! Good luck!