A New Matte Lip Kit Shade Could Be Here Soon

Just when you thought you'd get a break from the makeup madness, this mogul is is at it again. It looks like a new Kylie Cosmetics matte lip color could be on its way. How soon will the newest shade be here? Well, nothing's for sure, but I'd be willing to bet sometime this week. Normally Kylie Jenner is the first to tease her brand new products. She's had her best friend wear a secret shade to New York Fashion Week and announced her Glosses video herself, but this time she teased an upcoming release on the company Instagram.

If you were scrolling through your Insta feed, you'd think this was any average Kylie Cosmetics post — until you read the caption.

"I think it's almost about time that we add more to the matte family," the Instagram post reads. From the black and white photo teasing new colors that Jenner posted awhile ago, I think everyone knew this day was coming eventually. Now we know that it will be sometime soon. You never know what to expect with these social media hints, so it could happen at just about anytime. I suggest keeping an eye on Jenner and the brand's social media feeds, just in case they decide to do another surprise launch.

Once Jenner's Glosses came out, I was sure she would take a pause from her Lip Kits and focus on a wider range of shiny shades, but I was seriously wrong. After the video and three glossy shades came three metallic matte shades, and now she's adding even more mattes. You really never know what this girl will do next, so who knows what color it might be.

There are currently eight Lip Kits in the matte family, and, according to the black and white photos, it looks like there could be a whole new trio coming. The colors already have a wide range from neutrals to deep purples and even a universal red. I honestly couldn't tell you what color is next.

Recently there has been talk of her rumored Kybrow, Kyliner, and Kybrow trademarks, but it looks like she's focusing on her lip products for now. You didn't think she'd make it that easy, did you? Only one thing's for sure when it comes to Kylie Cosmetics — whatever it is will come as a surprise.