21 Of The Most Fun Plus Size Workout Leggings

by Mariah Carrillo

When it comes to consistently taking care of my body, I know that having plus size activewear that I love gives me a big boost when it's time to hit the gym. With all the different fun ways to break a sweat, getting the right plus size workout gear for each activity can be a little overwhelming, but I've found that a good pair of active leggings can cover a number of important bases, from eliminating chafing, to providing adequate compression for high impact activities like running, to wicking away sweat and keeping me feeling fresh.

Leggings are also a great way to add some fun to your active wardrobe; bright, vividly patterned workout leggings have been having a moment for a couple of years now, and there are lots of great plus size active brands that make these mood-boostingly cute options available in extended sizes. Personally, I know that I'm more likely to move my body when I feel cute doing it, and wearing fun activewear reminds me that I'm celebrating my body at the gym, not trying to change it.

So if you've been looking to update your workout wardrobe, check out all of these colorful and patterned pieces that run the gamut from pretty florals to wild abstract motifs. Try out a shark-adorned pair of leggings or a candy-pink pair of ruched sports shorts for your next workout, and see how much fun you can have.

1. Starry Skies

Starry Night Leggings, Sizes Sizes XL - 5XL, $65, Fractal 9

This cool, calming night sky motif is the perfect companion to a restorative yoga session or an evening jog. You'll feel expansive and refreshed in these moisture-wicking leggings from Fractal 9.

2. Kaleidoscope

Spinning From Ear To Ear Athletic Leggings, Sizes 1X - 3X, $79.99, Modcloth

Add some energy to your next workout with a vibrant, geometric print legging that's pretty enough to wear outside the gym. Bold black panels and a mosaic of pastel hues will make you feel light and lovely, even during your sweatiest spin classes.

3. Bright Blue

Lola Skinny Capri, Sizes 14 - 28, $76, Lola Getts

If you don't feel inspired by crazy patterns, but you'd love to try out a pop of color in your activewear, these royal blue compression capris from Lola Getts are the no-fuss, high-performing piece that you'll love. The quick-drying, super-stretchy Supplex-Lycra blend will take you anywhere you want to go with comfort and style.

4. Keyhole Capris

Maya Radiance Print Capri, Sizes 14 - 28, $30, Rainbeau Curves

From the swirling purple print to the cute, keyhole details, these capri leggings will bring some sexy style to your fitness routine. Stay cool this summer in the cropped length and breathable cotton blend.

5. Versatile Options

Nola Run Reversible Printed Legging, Sizes 0X - 4X, $60, Addition Elle

Add more options to your wardrobe with these reversible active leggings; one side has a geometric, abstract linear print, while the other is a smooth, heather gray with bold black piping. Make mixing up your workout outfits easy, no matter your mood.

6. Palm Leaf

Aqua Palm Capri, Sizes S - 3X, $59, Katie K Active

Bring a little sunshine to cloudy days with these tropical leggings from Katie K. The cheerful palette of coral and aqua is a fresh and fun addition for any color-lover.

7. Punctuation Print

Pregnant Pause Leggings, Sizes XS - 3X, $66, Manifesta

Activewear lines Manifesta and Lineagewear have teamed up to create a great pair of plus size active leggings for expectant moms, so that you can continue your favorite activities in style. The semicolon pattern is great for word lovers and grammar geeks, and a portion of the proceeds from sales of this design go to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

8. Logo Blur

Nola Capri Legging With Mesh, Sizes 0X - 4X, $50, Addition Elle

These mesh-paneled shorts will keep you cool in warm weather, and the blurred logo print is a fun touch. They might become your new favorites when your workout takes you outdoors this summer.

9. Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skull Leggings, Sizes XS - 4X, $60, Lineage Wear

What could be cuter than this pink and purple sugar skull pair of leggings from Lineagewear? I love the super high-waisted, contoured design that keeps everything in place, even during intense dance classes or long runs.

10. Paint Splatter

Paint Splatter Capris, Sizes XL - 5XL, $50, Fractal 9

Let out your inner artist with a neon-bright paint splatter pattern that would make Jackson Pollock proud. These capri leggings will make it easy to show off your creative side.

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11. Faded Ombre

Ombre Capri Leggings, Sizes 0X - 3X, $48, JCPenney

Keep it simple and chic with this pair of black and white ombre capris. Stylish activewear has never been easier.

12. Designs From Nature

Oh My Quad Leggings, Sizes S - 4X, $72, Manifesta

As someone who grew up on a steady diet of wildlife documentaries and the Discovery Chanel, I can't get enough of these amazing shark leggings. If you're a wildlife geek like me, or you just love fun ocean motifs, then you'll be similarly enthused by the combo of a fun pattern and a super-comfortable cut.

13. Red-Hot Lace

Jaclyn Lace-Print Legging, Sizes 14 - 24, $35, Rainbeau Curves

Try out these fun cotton-blend leggings for a great mix of style and function that won't break the bank. The wide, contoured waistband will stay in place through forward bends and downward dog, while an interior pocket should provide easy storage for your keys, ID, and other essentials.

14. Motion Stripe

Spliced Signature Stretch Capri Legging, Sizes 14 - 28, $40, Lane Bryant

Get moving with a pair of printed capris that can keep up with your active life. A saturated stripe pattern and black colorblocked insets keep you on trend whether you're heading to the gym, the coffee shop, or running errands.

15. Peacock Feather

Blue Peacock Leggings, Sizes XS - 4X, $60, Lineage Wear

Don't be afraid to show off your fabulous style at the gym! These jewel-toned peacock leggings will make a bold statement the next time you get your sweat on.

16. Hot Pink

Confidence Leggings, Sizes 12 - 24, $65, Malesh Activewear

Celebrate your body confidence with hot pink leggings from plus size brand Malesh. This soft, moisture-wicking pair is a simple yet bold choice for any workout.

17. Abstract Tropical

Rushhour Leggings, Sizes S - 2X, $59, Katie K Active

Go bold with bright tropical colors and a hazy geometric print. Wear these when you need an extra jolt of energy to get going in the morning.

18. Dot Matrix

Dot Matrix Leggings, Sizes 12 - 26, $72, Personal Record

Strut your stuff in a contemporary pair of abstract print leggings from Personal Record. Handmade in NYC, this super-stretchy pair will stick with you through every move.

19. Faded Floral

Patterned Compression Leggings, Sizes 1X - 4X, $35, Old Navy

For days when you want something a bit more subdued, these faded floral compression leggings have great style with a quieter touch. Get the soft, romantic look you love, even when you're pushing yourself to the limit.

20. Electric Pink

Pink Lightning Shorts, Sizes XS - 5X, $43, Fractal 9

From the electrifying print to the fun, ruched drawstring details, these active shorts are a perfect summer staple. Stay cool during hot yoga, or wear to the beach for sun, sand, and seawater; no matter where you go, you'll feel great and look amazing.

21. Sea Life

Under The Sea Leggings, Sizes 12 - 26, $72, Personal Record

If you love to feel like a fabulous mermaid, these ocean life leggings can help make your dreams come true. It's hard not to feel good in a look this cute.

Make your gym routine a little more fun with these bright, quirky active leggings. Whatever your style or your workout, there's a look here for you.

Images: Courtesy Brands