Carole & Luann Are No Longer 'RHONY' Pals

Any Real Housewives franchise is no place for a friendship to bloom, but I never thought I’d see the dissolution of another real friendship on Real Housewives Of New York. First Jill and Bethenny split up, then Sonja and Ramona (well, Sonja and everyone else) were on the rocks, and now Carole and Luann have called it quits on their friendship. We were all so young and fresh once, you guys! What happened?

Well, this all started last season when Carole began dating Adam, who was Luann’s personal chef and kinda sorta used to date Luann’s niece. That’s because Adam is in his mid-twenties, as is Luann’s niece. They met at Luann’s Sag Harbor house last year, and hit it off like gangbusters. Luann said a lot of mean things about Carole, and Carole peaced out from talking to Luann. Wouldn’t you? They had their first real conversation in months at Bethenny’s birthday party, and Carole wasn’t having Luann’s “let’s get over this, we should be friends” spiel. Luann said that both she and Carole said things they didn’t mean, Carole didn’t agree, and Carole told Luann that they could continue to be nice to one another in public but they do not need to be besties. Tough day, you guys.

You know what the one thing that Luann never said to Carole was? “Sorry.” I think that if Luann had gone in with an apology, Carole would have been much more receptive to a conversation with her. Instead, Luann tried to spread the blame around, and Carole was not having that ish. I wouldn’t either. Carole and Adam are still together, and Luann needs to be respectful of that, and she also needs to be respectful of the fact that Carole doesn’t want her around anymore. Could these two make up? Totally. But I think things need to cool down before they heat back up again.

Images: Matthew Eiseman/Bravo; Giphy