This 'Star Wars' Collection Is Pretty Size Inclusive, Because The Force Is With Us All — PHOTOS

When it comes to Hot Topic, my 14-year-old self still screams with delight whenever I peruse the website, regardless of whether I would actually want to wear anything off the walls. But with the release of Her Universe's Hot Topic Star Wars collection, I have a feeling there are going to be a heck of a lot more people shopping from this iconic alternative store than 15-year-old mall goths.

According to Seventeen, the line ranges from sizes XS to 3XL in store and sizes 0 to 28 online. Hot Topic is proving that offering a vast array of sizes is the best way to launch a collection in 2016. This way, your whole Star Wars-loving squad can get matching outfits without having to look elsewhere for plus size looks.

Both alternative brands have pulled out all the stops for this decently size inclusive range, by not only launching all of the looks in every available size, but by having plus size and straight size models wear each garment. Through this, plus size shoppers won't have to make an educated guess on the fit of an item based on what it looks like on a thin model. Instead, both sides of the spectrum can feel represented and catered to.

Star Wars By Her Universe Phasma Jacket, $69.50,

Star Wars By Her Universe Phasma Jacket Plus Size, $78.50,

Although this is exclusively a womenswear line, many of the looks — like the Phasma jacket above — are pretty unisex. This hopefully means that any gender could fit into and totally rock the amazing Star Wars looks.

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Even though some outfits radiate of cosplay vibes, there are also a fair few more civilian-looking pieces for a casual representation of your Star Wars adoration.

Star Wars By Her Universe Poe Flight Dress, $59.50,

Star Wars By Her Universe Poe Flight Dress Plus Size, $68.50,

The collection ranges in prices, from $29.50 to $78.50, making it not only more size inclusive than the average line, but pretty price inclusive, too. While I'm sure any diehard Star Wars fan is likely willing to invest the big bucks in some great franchise merchandise, it's great to see a plus-friendly collection — especially a specialty one — not costing us the price of the Millennium Falcon.

Hot Topic is often overlooked when we talk about fashion for plus size individuals. But both the URL and IRL shops cater well to a variety of consumers. Through this collection, Her Universe and Hot Topic have set the bar high for how customers of every size should be treated: With the same care and respect as our straight size friends.

Images: Hot Topic