Woman Paints The First Page Of 'Harry Potter' To Her Wall & It Will Give You Feels


If you thought you were a Harry Potter super fan, you might want to back the Buckbeak up for this woman who painted the first page of  Harry Potter to her wall. Meredith McCardle, author of the Annum Guard series and literal perfect human being, spent 60 Muggle-loving hours creating this epic work of art. She shared the entire process on her blog, and believe you me, it looks like no easy feat. But I guess when you're a person whose Twitter bio says "Harry Potter is a religion" (amen), you stop at nothing to get your living space Potter fleek.

In order to get the font exactly right and ensure she'd have enough room on wall, McCardle used an overhead projector to reflect the text onto her wall so she could trace and paint it herself. "It took me twenty minutes alone to trace 'Mr. and Mrs. Dursley,' after which I realized I had made a serious miscalculation and had a Come to Jesus talk with myself about whether or not to continue," McCurdle shared on her blog. Thankfully she channeled her inner hardworking Hufflepuff (if she is, in fact, a fellow Hufflepuff) and got the job done. Behold the glory of her efforts, Potterheads!

Since she first posted the tweet, it has accumulated hundreds of retweets and the admiration of many humans on this world wide web. McCardle was stunned by the response, she shared in her blog. Fellow Potterheads haven't just been sharing, but asking her all about the process as well. A big question on everyone's mind: Why the first page? Why not the last page, or a particular scene she felt close to, or a scene with one of the more famous quotes?

Welp, if anybody needs me I'm going to be saving up to buy myself a giant mansion and stencil THE ENTIRE PREMISES with Harry Potter excerpts. Mad props to Meredith McCardle for becoming all of our new #InteriorDesignGoals this week. You can check out her aforementioned time travel novels, the Annum Guard series, by hitting up Amazon here!

Images: Warner Bros; Giphy