Costas Vs. Lauer: Who's More Hipster?

Bob Costas' hipster glasses have triumphed over Matt Lauer's hipster mustache in the Olympic event of Newscaster Hipsterdom. That's right, Bob Costas is returning to host the Winter Olympics Monday night! After a long battle, during which rumors swirled that Lauer was the cause of Costas' eye infection, Costas' glasses have finally beat out Lauer's facial hair and will return to NBC along with Costas. According to an NBC rep, Costas was in the studio for two hours on Sunday to see how the lighting effected his eyes and will return to his prime-time and late night hosting duties Monday evening. When Costas left last week, it was the first time since 1988 he had missed an Olympic broadcast. On Jan. 11, Costas was replaced by Matt Lauer who pretended he found himself unworthy of the position while flaunting his grey beard with noticeably darker mustache.

In the battle of Costas' glasses versus Lauer's facial hair, Costas' eventual win was clear to many people in the glasses' fan base. A Twitter account called Bob Costas' Glasses has 19 followers! Matt Lauer's Beard's Twitter account has zero. Okay, so maybe people aren't following these parody accounts, but they're definitely making their opinions known and the response to Costas' glasses has been far more positive than that to Lauer's 'stache.

Costas' glasses got approval from one lady who knows what Costas wants:

And they brought out cries for his return:

The change even caused confusion for our nation's youth:

Some people didn't feel as good about the glasses:

But that insult was nothing compared to the wrath that Lauer's beard felt. There were those who weren't sure what to think:

Then there were those (the vast majority) who knew exactly where they stood:

There you have it. Bob Costas' glasses: 1, Matt Lauer's beard: -3,500.

Image: NBC/BuzzFeed Sports/Twitter