8 Bedroom Tips for Instagram-Proofing Your Space

When I'm in my room snapping Instagrams of, say, artful chips and queso spreads or my latest book obsessions (cough, screenshots of Netflix reactions, cough), I tend to find myself in the same position each time, literally and figuratively. Tired of giving my bedroom a mini Instagram makeover every time it served as a snap backdrop, I studied my Insta feed for the best rooms of the lot. I wanted to finally understand what makes some spaces look so darn great on camera.

I set out on my Instagram quest with a few important queries I'd been pondering: namely, what user-friendly accessories stand out time and time again, without looking out-of-place; and (of course) which furniture pieces double as useful props for a few shoe selfies? These were the important questions to ask, I told myself, and I took to the internet to get some answers. 'Grammers, rejoice: After some intense studying and web scouring for said items, I'm no longer hemming and hawing over the most artfully designed corners of my bedroom. While it turns out that an Instagram-ready bedroom takes a little more thought than a few precisely measured filters and well-chosen hashtags, it's pretty easy to revamp your space. Ahead, eight quick Instagram-ready tips that'll have you "liking" your setup long after you've posted.

1. Statement Pillows Are Essentially Clever Captions

Wendana Eyelash Pillowcases, $20, Amazon; Society 6 Hello Beautiful, $20, Amazon; Gotd Cup O' Tea, $5, Amazon

Nothing is more annoying to me than when I capture a perfectly angled shot, but I can't think of a word to say beneath it. While some 'grammers are satisfied with that less-is-more simplicity, I can't post a pic without tying that final bow. Getting a selfie-worthy statement pillow is the beautiful coupling of both needs — a great photo subject and a witty caption (can't you already see the wink Boomerang forming with those shut-eye options?). Find one that belts out your personal mantra, whether it's a confidence-booming greeting or an endearing word to your favorite beverage, and get to snappin'.

2. Contain The Mess (Or Display the Plants!)

Umbra Trigg Hanging Container (Set of 2), $25, Amazon

A messy pile of discarded paper scraps, unused pens, or other odds and ends are hard to style in a picture. Eliminate the mess by moving it up to a hanging shelf, where your everyday tools are easily accessible but not in the way. This ceramic and metal duo designed by Moe Takemura for Umbra also look great housing your prized succulents, and fans of the shelves say they add a bright and minimalist touch to their walls. One reviewer said, "These are a great modern design. Extremely well made and just as described."

3. Colorful Furniture Pieces Make Great Props

Baxton Studio Plastic Mid-Century Shell Chair (Set of 2) , $128, Amazon

Add a pop of color to your corner desk with a set of eye-catching chairs just begging for a few comments. This set of two from Baxton Studio have a retro Mid-century inspired design, which will look right at home supporting a shoe selfie or displaying your latest novels stack. Wooden legs and steel hardware ensure these durable frames will stand the test of time, and you can even get them in white or black (if that goes better with your feed, obviously). One fan said, "You might buy these chairs because you want to have a mid century "look," but you'll keep them and use them because they're actually decent quality and comfortable."

4. Bring the Great Outdoors Inside

(Set of 4) Artificial Succulent Plant Displays, $25, Amazon; (Set of 3) Concrete Succulent Planters, $27, Amazon

It's no secret that the Instagram community lives for succulents. Whether yours are artfully peeking out from the corner of a morning coffee shot or casually hanging on your windowsill, the right succulent arrangement can brilliantly frame your future 'grams. This set of four is artificial (shh!), so you won't have to worry about constant watering or getting them in the sun. (One reviewer actually said these looked so real, she almost watered them on accident before realizing!) Although if you're confident in your plant-caring abilities (more power to you!), focus efforts on your planters. These three concrete planters are handmade by Indiana-based Urban Concrete Design, and you can request them with or without drainage holes.

5. It's All About the Lighting

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp , $36, Amazon; Morecoo Portable LED Desk Lamp, $29, Amazon

A good-looking Instagram has a lot to do with lighting. Get yours into shape with the kind that not only sets the scene, but makes it: The Tomons desk lamp is made from solid wood for an earthy and boho (but minimalistic) vibe, which you can snag in black or white, too, for those #productivesunday snaps. The Morecoo option is a cool one too, as the lamp is able to fold up into itself. Whether you want a pyramid-shaped prop or more of diving board situation, you can have it all, my friend.

6. Draw the Eyes All Around Your Room

Djeco Birds Mobile , $37, Amazon

Whether you're 'gramming the mobile itself, or you just need a creative background piece to draw the eye up, mobiles are seriously underrated. This easy-to-assemble paper flying bird mobile can be installed in one of your bedroom's underutilized corners, where it will add a little color and movement to a stagnant area. One happy fan, who placed the piece in their living room, said, "Colorful and beautiful, the birds remind you of autumn leaves." (And who hasn't Instagrammed a fall leaves pic once in their life?)

7. Books Showcase Your Personality

The Puffin in Bloom Collection (Hardcover) , $40, Amazon; Jane Austen: The Complete Works, $93, Amazon

When it comes to working your latest novels stack into a pic, why not ensure your faves look their best, too? A beautiful binding makes all the difference in that coffee shot, after all. If you grew up with tales from Little Women, Heidi, A Little Princess, and Anne of Green Gables, you're in luck: This four-piece hardcover set is illustrated by Rifle Paper Co. artist Anna Bond, beautifully designed with blooming florals and leafy vines. One fan of the set said, "...It is by far one of the most beautiful box sets I've ever received. Definitely a long lasting item she tends to keep around for many years to come." Or take it back to Jane Austen's complete boxed set — a set of timeless classics that will look polished in any bedroom for years to come.

8. Open Up Your Room With A Few Well-Placed Mirrors

Umbra Dima Mirrors (Set of 3) , $40, Amazon; Umbra Prisma Wall Mirror, $110, Amazon

Mirrors open up rooms and can make a tiny space feel much bigger. This set of three was designed by Sung Wook Park and is inspired by argyle fabric patterns. They come with mounting hardware included, helping you work functional art into your space. Or take a one-and-done approach with the prisma wall mirror. Also designed by Park and crafted from brass, you can even use its sturdy wires to hang necklaces or scarves.

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