The Royal Wedding Obsession With Pippa Was Gross

Think back to five years ago on April 29, 2011. Do you remember what you were doing? If you're an avid follower of the Royal Family, then I bet you were up bright and early to tune into Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. It was a worldwide affair and one many will never forget. You know who also will never forget it? Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, who carried the train of Kate's gorgeous wedding gown. However, unlike her sister, Pippa is remembered on her sister's wedding day for a reason that is totally uncool: the obsession regarding her butt.

For those who don't recall (though, I don't know how you could forget something so irritating), as soon as Pippa showed up at the wedding donning a beautiful short-sleeved dress that was to die for, many started commenting on her behind. That's right, rather than focusing on Pippa's happiness for her sister and the other of her many worthy qualities, her butt became the topic of conversation.

It still disgusts me to think that when people think of Pippa most equate her with a part of her body. The objectification is just gross. Even more so, she and her butt will forever be associated with the Royal Wedding, when that should have never happened in the first place. The day was supposed to honor Will and Kate, but the talk of Pippa's behind just wouldn't die down.


As evidence of the obsession at the time, in April 2011, a Daily Mail headline read, "Her Royal Hotness: How Kate's foxy sister Pippa stole the show (leaving naughty Uncle Gary to languish in the shadows)." And a May 2011 DNA report read, "Pippa Middleton's perfect pert bum tipped to win Rear of the Year award."

What makes it even worse it that her butt is still talked about. Even in 2014, Pippa was accused of wearing a "false" butt underneath her bridesmaid dress. Seriously? A headline for The Sun read, "Pippa Middleton's bottom 'was FALSE' during royal wedding of William and Kate - claims French expert."

Did Pippa pull off the dress flawlessly? She sure did, but the fact that she became popular for her butt is so wrong, especially when it wasn't something she did intentionally.

On several occasions, Pippa has commented on the headlines and remarks made about her body. For example, in a June 2014 sit-down interview with Today, she said about becoming famous so quickly, "I have felt publicly bullied a little bit just by, you know, when I read things that clearly aren't true or that, whichever way someone looks at it, it's a negative side." Now, that may or may not have been in reference to the objectification of her body, but it's clear the reports and rumors about her have gotten to her at times.

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And she did specifically speak about gaining attraction for her bridesmaid dress. "It was completely unexpected," she told Today. "You know, I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress. Really just to sort of blend in with the train. I suppose it's flattering." But she added that it was "embarrassing definitely" because "it wasn't planned."

That said, while chatting with the U.K.'s Mail on Sunday in October 2012, Pippa expressed confusion and frustration over it all:

It is a bit startling to achieve global recognition before the age of 30 on account of your sister, your brother-in-law, and your bottom ... One day I might be able to make sense of this. In the meantime I think it's fair to say that it has its upside and its downside.

She has even been able to joke about it all, as Pippa said during a February 2014 Women in Advertising and Communications dinner in London, "As I have found out, recognition has its upside, its downside and — you may say — its backside." But even though she has made jokes about it, that doesn't mean everyone else should. Plus, it's clear that it's something that has affected her and something she thinks about.

It's great to praise both women and men for their bodies, because there is not enough body image confidence being promoted in the world. That said, it doesn't mean one should be ogled at or constantly be associated with something of an objectifying nature. Guess what? I'm sure Pippa would love to talk about something else besides her butt, too.

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Unfortunately, the past can't be changed, so how about everyone start looking at Pippa in a different light. I mean, hell, she is accomplished in her career, too.