This Collar Lets Your Cat Talk Like A Real Human

by Dasha Fayvinova

Cats have always been a bit temperamental and hard to read. But the latest tech in our savvy digital world may solve that, thanks to the creators of this collar that translates cat noises into human speech. This is not a drill, folks. It's called the Catterbox, and this is an actual device that a team of engineers worked on and created after years of research. A simple idea seemingly straight out of a Pixar movie, the collar allows you to "listen" to your cat. Will this technology be used for good or evil? (Only time will tell.)

The Catterbox is a 3D-printed collar that fits squarely around your pet's neck and captures the meows they make. It comes in four colors (just in case you know that Whiskers prefers white over yellow). The actual device has built in speakers, BlueTooth, a microphone, and even Wi-Fi. It's light and comfortable to wear, so your pet never feels like they are being forced to do something. Instead, they can focus on getting us to give them delicious treats or extend play time.

As the creators explain, cats only meow to communicate with humans. By analyzing the intent behind different meows, the Catterbox pros created an analyzation system within the collar that detects the type of meow, and tries to accurately decipher what the cat's meow means in human terms. You can even choose a voice within the app for your cat to adopt.

The device was just made available today, so I can't speak to how well it translates my personal cat friends, but I would be willing to give it a shot. After all, we have always wanted to know what animals are thinking. and any technology that puts us closer to that target is something I'm willing to explore further. Plus, if it really does turn us all into Eliza Thornberrys, I'd like to start a film production company with talking animals. Who's with me?!

The device can let you know that your kitty enjoyed the snack you provided them. I won't lie, the masculine voice coming out of that gadget is a bit jarring. Just imagine waking up with that voice in your ear, and a small furry kitten on your chest. Bonkers, am I right?!

This one was my favorite. I know cats are sassy by nature. They knock over glasses of water even when you tell them not to, and they don't particularly need cuddles. But guess what — you've never heard them speak and be sassy. Until now. Now we get to hear the entire range of their emotions, so get ready. (And cross your fingers for a dog version to come soon.)

Images: YouTube