Engaged Or Not Engaged? You Be The Judge

In the celebrity world — which is different from our world, obviously — couples tend to date for a significantly shorter amount of time before getting married. For regular folks, a proposal after two years might be way too soon, but in Hollywood, if two years pass without sight of a fat diamond, then something must be wrong with the relationship. For this reason, it would not be surprising if the rumors are true and Katy Perry and John Mayer are engaged. Similarly, it would not be surprising if these rumors are just circulating because it's been two years so they need to hurry it up already! Let's take a look at the facts.

1. The Ring

Katy Perry was spotted wearing a ring following a night out at dinner with John Mayer. The ring was referred to as "previously unseen bling on her ring finger" on the Daily Mail and I'll have to take their word for it as I haven't been closely following Perry's fingers. It does sound suspicious.

2. Valentine's Day

The day Perry and Mayer were seen leaving dinner with the new ring was Valentine's Day. These two seem just cheesy enough that a Valentine's Day proposal wouldn't be surprising. If she had been seen with a ring any other day of the year, other than her birthday, an engagement wouldn't be as likely. Valentine's Day is a red flag.

3. Her Smile

In pictures taken of the couple leaving the restaurant, Perry has a huge smile on her face the entire time. What other than a grand gesture of love could make someone smile so much in the eyes of the paparazzi?

John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

4. Their Music Video

When you think it's a good idea to record a love song duet with your significant other and make a music video to go along with it serving as permanent proof of your relationship, then you're probably a couple who has no qualms with getting married.

5. The Club

Perry and Mayer reportedly went out to a club called Bootsy Bellows after dinner and met up with friends. According to a source who spoke with the Daily News, "They were taking pics of one another and are head over heels. After a while, they had some friends join them and they spent the rest of the night dancing. They left as the club was closing." Hmm... a club on Valentine's Day? Perhaps they had something to celebrate...

While all of these points might make it seem obvious that Perry and Mayer are engaged, this could be completely wrong. Look at it another way. Perry was wearing the ring because she likes it and it only fits that finger. She was smiling because she had a delicious meal with her boo. Mayer and Perry went to a club because they like dancing. They put out that music video because YOLO.

Right now, I'm leaning towards thinking they're engaged, but you'll have to make your own decision, then wait until one of them releases the news on Twitter or, even better, in a lovey dovey Instagram pic.