Calvin Harris & Rihanna's New Song Already Amazes

by Michelle Lulic

Calvin Harris and Rihanna are back at it again with what is sounds like another sure-fire hit on their hands. In an announcement on Twitter on Thursday, the world discovered that Harris and Rihanna's song "This Is What You Came For" will be dropping on Friday, April 29. But that's not even the last of it, since, along with the announcement of their latest collaboration, Harris was also sure to post the single's cover art and a short clip of the song itself. Based off the lyrics alone, it's pretty clear that this song is going to be one of the many anthems of summer 2016. The song hasn't even reached it's chorus in the teaser, and I'm already singing along.

Here's what Rihanna is singing about so far.

Baby, this is what you came forLighting strikes every time she moves. And everybody's watching herBut she's looking at you-oo-oo...

So, basically, this song is perfect for dancing and singing along to when you're hitting up the clubs with your friends. However, the lyrics could also perfectly relate to both the lives of Calvin Harris and Rihanna — Which is exactly what continues to make this song a highly-appreciated third collaboration. It seriously sounds so good already.

So, what could this song be about? And from whose perspective? Well, if you're looking at the lyrics in the eyes of Rihanna, it could easily sound like she's talking about a guy who recently captured her attention. And, because Rihanna would be the girl he showed up at the concert or club to go see, the guy she's talking about could very likely be someone who isn't famous (Move over, Drake!). Or someone who isn't usually looked upon in terms of the music industry (Hello, Leonardo DiCaprio?)

However, on the flip side of things, if Harris is the one who wrote and produced the song, it could very well be about his relationship with Taylor Swift. Swift has recently been in the limelight for winning at the Grammys and multiple other award shows. And, while everyone has been focusing in on Swift, she has been focusing on her love and relationship with boyfriend Harris. Seriously, her shout-out to him at the iHeart Radio Music Awards is proof of just this. But, if that is the case, does Rihanna even know that that's what she's singing about? But, hey, I guess song lyrics can be related to whatever the listener wants it to be related to.

In the meantime, I'm just going to anxiously wait to hear the rest of the song once it's released on Friday. I'm pretty sure Calvin Harris and Rihanna making music together can seriously do no wrong. Here's to hoping that the rest of the song's lyrics will answer all of their relationship questions.

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