Beyoncé Really Needs To Join Snapchat

by Michelle McGahan

Let's Bey real: Beyoncé's Lemonade has taken the world by storm — visually, lyrically, emotionally. It is a stunning visual album jam-packed with themes of empowerment, feminism, racial identity, infidelity, about 20 different levels of shade, rumors, and self-confidence. Lemonade is Beyoncé at her pinnacle — but she is only rising higher. And with all of the buzz surrounding Queen Bey, her public cannot get enough, consuming everything Beyoncé via Tidal, HBO, Instagram, and her website (where she often posts behind-the-scenes photos that give us lowly normals a peek into what it's really like to #wakeuplikethis.) Add on to this the fact that the Queen has now kicked off her Formation World Tour, and fans need even more Beyoncé, all the time. Which means it's time to ask the important questions here: Does Beyoncé have Snapchat?

While it would be satisfying as anything to see the "Formation" singer sending shady snaps with giant lemon emojis and face swapping with Blue Ivy, it looks like we just have to sit tight and wait for Bey to join Snapchat. After mining her social media for a Snapchat announcement, searching for her username on the app, and reading PopSugar's incredibly comprehensive list of celebs on Snapchat, it's pretty safe to conclude that Queen Bey has not yet joined the ranks of Snapchattin' stars. There's also this LOL-worthy video of Usher posing with Bey and Jay Z on Snapchat, during which Hova claims to not "even know what that is" and Beyoncé stands there smiling the entire time because she thinks they're taking a photo. This is exactly why she needs the app.

While Bey may not be on Snapchat yet, her other social media still gives fans the BTS glimpses into the life of Bey that we all crave. Her Instagram, for example, boasts photos of her intensely private family life with Jay Z and Blue Ivy — sweet photos of them together, on vacation, or just chillin' at home. In addition to professionally shot photos from concerts, red carpets, magazines, and photo shoots, Beyoncé's Instagram reveals what her regular, day-to-day home life is like. And it involves flowers (and lots of 'em), selfies, and just being Mom to her 4-year-old daughter:

And for the real goodies, Beyoncé's website is filled with exclusive photos, GIFs, and plenty of other insights into her personal life, hi-res images of quality time with Blue Ivy, husband Jay Z, and the Carter family's luxurious trips around the world. (Blue Ivy's fourth birthday party is also something to be insanely jealous of.)

So while Queen Bey may not have risen to the Snapchat throne, her other social media accounts have already picked up the slack — but that doesn't mean there isn't a Beyoncé-sized hole in the Snapchat universe, one just waiting to be filled with endless face swaps and ridiculous filters.