Blue Ivy's Birthday Party Is Now My #WeddingGoals & I Am Not Ashamed — PHOTOS

When you're the offspring of the music industry's most powerful couple, there's no question that your birthday parties are going to be lavish AF. So it comes as no surprise that Blue Ivy's fourth birthday party looked more magical than most weddings, TBH, at least if the photos Beyoncé posted on her website are anything to go by (and oh, they are).

Considering the fact that "four" is a special number to Beyoncé and Jay Z (among the many significances of the number: They married on 4/4/08, both were born on the fourth of the month, and "Ivy" — IV — is the Roman numeral of four), it makes sense that Blue Ivy's fourth birthday bash was an extra special occasion. The proud parents transformed the celebration into a wonderland filled with fairies, flowers, tents, and balloons, decorated so artfully it looked half like a classy version of Coachella, and half like Bella and Edward's wedding scene in Twilight (I think it was the gorgeous flowers hanging from the ceiling).

It was a party fit for the daughter of pop culture royalty, that's for sure, but also one that I would like to emulate at my future wedding. I mean, couch cushions to lounge on and frilly dresses to try on and flowy, wipsy white fabric tented above the ceiling? Yes, yes, and yes. #WeddingGoals, right here.

For her part, it looked like Blue Ivy was reveling in the party as much as any little girl celebrating her fairy-themed birthday would, which is a heck of a lot. In a photo aunt Solange Knowles shared on Instagram, Blue is rocking a petal-pink dress (tutu necessary, of course), holding some kind of matching pink stuffed animal that looks vaguely like a cupcake with cherries, or maybe a dinosaur (I don't know kids' toys).

And even though she looks rather serious in the pic, it's probably because any moment at that party that didn't involve indulging in fun and fairies wasn't nearly as exciting as the moments that did. In other words, she's a four-year-old at her dream birthday party, and Aunt Solange get that camera outta my face and let me play dress up, OK?

Where Blue Ivy was once #LifeGoals (Beyoncé and Jay Z are #MOM and #DAD to everyone on Twitter), her fourth birthday party is now #WeddingGoals. Is there shame in that? No, no there is not.