This Pizza Box Made Of Pizza Is Glorious, Cheesy Pizza-ception — PHOTOS

I cannot be the only person who has dreamed of a day where pizza could be delivered in another pizza. A pizza box made of pizza, bringing you what you crave inside of the very thing you crave. Like an endless Droste work of art that just keeps on going and going and going — this brand new creation from a New York City pizzeria will have your mouth watering in no time at all.

Vinnie's Pizzeria came up with the brilliant idea called The Pizza Box, a device that not only delivers your pizza to your plate intact, but doubles as extra food. I'm sorry, but how has this not been a thing for years?! Who needs cardboard boxes when you can just eat the thing your food comes in? Better for the earth and for my stomach. I'm just saying, I'd be willing to pay top dollar for this idea if it meant I didn't have to unfold those pesky traditional boxes anymore.

This is one of the more recent ideas that's been getting attention online for taking a new look at a very traditional food item. First there was the Reheatza, something that could make your pizza last longer by reheating it perfectly in your microwave. Then came the GreenBox, a way to turn your pizza box into plates for serving. Now, finally, a totally green way to serve that delicious slice — The Pizza Box. It's the result of a totally natural evolution of pizza delivery. Aren't you glad you were around to see it become a real thing? I know I am.

Look at this creature. The perfect level of enticing and ludicrous that I crave in my life on a daily basis. Unlike the DoubleDown or even the McLobster, this amazingness should be implemented everywhere and anywhere that pizza is ordered out for delivery. I bet Mary Kate and Ashley would have the perfect reaction to this:

jecowa on YouTube

And in case you needed another excuse to come and visit this Brooklyn-based gem, look no further than their artistic take on the menu. Just look at the drawn, themed, whiteboards. This one was a recent creation, honoring Prince.

If that is the kind of detail that people apply to their menus, I can only imagine how much care they put into their food. True artistry doesn't have to disappear with food!

They even do shoutouts for famous celebrities birthdays and come up with amazing puns to get you groaning. That's what I want in my food! A little bit of a laugh, a lot of flavor and a lot of food. After all, I didn't come to this pizza place not to have a slice!

Images: Vinnie's Pizza/Instagram