How To Get A Free Subway Breakfast Sandwich

Attention early birds — Subway, the chain of submarine sandwich shops that pepper the globe and kept me from starving to death during college, is serving up an enticing buy one, get one offer starting on May 1. Wanna know how to get a free Subway breakfast sandwich? Kicking off this Sunday, customers who purchase any 6-inch sub before 9 a.m. will receive a free 6-inch breakfast sandwich of their choosing all month long. Breakfast just got that much simpler. Just pop into a participating store, and grab breakfast and lunch for the low price of just one sandwich. This is not a drill.

Subway, which has been serving up breakfast since 2010, wants to freshen up your mornings by making sure you know where to get your first meal of the day. “Everyone knows the importance of breakfast to help fuel their day," Chris Martone, Subway's executive chef, said in a press release sent to Bustle. "That’s why this May we want to make your morning even better by offering a free Subway breakfast as a reward for enjoying any of our millions of fresh, handcrafted sandwich combinations."

For those who aren't familiar with the sandwich chain's morning menu, options include sandwiches like the steak, egg whites, and cheese, and the bacon, egg, and cheese — both of which are served on flatbread and infinitely customizable with Subway's vegetables, cheeses, and avocados. And you don't even have to make a second stop for your caffeine fix, as Subway also offers Seattle's Best Coffee — a Starbucks-owned brew, for all you loyalists out there. I will take a bacon, egg, and feta sandwich with red onions, pepperoncinis, tomato, and spinach with a gigantic coffee, please!

So, if you're looking for a crazy good deal on some quick and healthy sandwiches, look no further than your local Subway, but don't forget to get up early. Free breakfast sandwiches are put to bed for the day at 9:00 sharp.

Eat fresh, y'all.

Image: Subway