Abby & Olivia Are Finally United On 'Scandal'

by Nicole Pomarico

Remember the good old days, when Olivia Pope was actually a white hat wearing gladiator and she and Abby were BFFs? With the way they've been acting lately, it has seemed like those days are long gone, and the fact that they're on opposing sides of the race for the republican presidential nomination isn't exactly helping matters. But after one of their biggest disagreements yet, it seems like there might actually be hope for the two of them after all. Because on this week's episode of Scandal , Abby and Olivia's fight reaches its breaking point, and although it definitely seemed like their friendship was past the point of no return, they finally managed to find common ground.

After Abby grounds Olivia's plane to keep Mellie from getting to an important dinner with the governor of Florida, Olivia's angry, but Fitz is even angrier. Even after the plane situation gets resolved, Fitz is still mad that Abby risked the White House getting in trouble for lying about technical difficulties, but surprisingly enough, she opens up to him. She's upset about Olivia, but not because she killed Andrew — because of the horrible things Olivia must have been going through when she killed Andrew, and because their friendship is so off course.

This eventually leads to Olivia and Abby talking, and at first, it seems like things are just getting worse. Abby calls Olivia out for how she talked down to her when she thought she was going to lose her job in the Oval Office, and Olivia harshly admits that all she's wanted is to take back what's hers — the White House. Helping Mellie win this election is how she's going to do it, and if she has to take down Abby to do it, she will.

But then, they both come to a pretty important revelation. What they should be doing instead of fighting is joining forces to take down their other competitor, Hollis Doyle.

Abby and Olivia are far more powerful together than they are apart, especially with Mellie in the mix. Combined, they're unstoppable. Good luck, Hollis. Fingers crossed this means adorable Abby/Olivia friendship moments aren't gone for good after all!

Image: Nicole Wilder/ABC